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Wishing Marissa the Best on her Baby Shower!

We are so proud of our Lead Medical Assistant, Marissa Watkins, who has been working and teaching here at Renove Med Spa for over 2 years now and has been outstanding at everything she does, especially when it comes to the care of our patients, with her kind and gentle touch. VERY soon, Marissa will be taking a leave of absence for the most wonderful reason ever, to have and care for her first child, Congratulations Marissa! We were able to catch Marissa unaware and surprise her with a Baby Shower at the office.

It is not often we get to have a baby shower at the office, but when we do, it is a joyous and heartfelt celebration, and we wish Marissa all the best on this wonderful journey of life and motherhood and we can't wait to welcome baby boy Beau into the world soon. Since we have had requests, Marissa is registered at Target and Buy Buy Baby, her theme is woodland animals!


Congratulations Marissa and family!!

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