Bioidentical Hormone Treatment

Your hormones are responsible for controlling and maintaining most of your bodily functions including your moods, digestion, immune system, etc.

If you would explore the possibility that you may be experiencing an imbalance with your hormones, Dr. Michelle Parsons is well versed in evaluating, diagnosing and treating many hormone-related issues of women and men and may be able to help you. Please note that while there is no fee for an initial consultation, the office does not accept medical insurance for the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Parsons utilizes bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and does not utilize pellets for treatment of hormone imbalance related symptoms.

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​In addition to evaluating estrogen, testosterone and progesterone issues, Dr. Parsons also treats thyroid and adrenal function and as well as evaluating for MTHFR variants. Initial evaluation and diagnosis are $500. Ongoing evaluation and management can often be managed by phone consultation with a pharmacy technician without additional charge, however, evaluations with Dr. Parsons are $500. There is an annual fee of $500 for ongoing re-evaluation and management.