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Like the heart, stomach, and brain, your skin is an organ. In fact, it’s the largest organ in your body, but it’s still easy to take skin for granted. Unless there’s a problem, you may not think about your skin very much. But skin has an important job to do.

Your skin is constantly protecting you. Your skin keeps infections out of your body and keeps you from getting sick. When you take care of your skin, you’re helping your skin do its job. And taking care of your skin today will help prevent future problems, like wrinkles and even skin cancer. Nothing gives you more self-confidence and an extra bounce in your step more than knowing you look good. The proper skincare, being that skin is the most noticeable part of a person’s body is the #1 way to get that feeling.


Zits. Pimples. Blemishes. No matter what you call them, acne can be distressing and annoying.  Dr. Michelle Parsons is happy to help you eliminate acne, whether you have adult-onset acne, or had it since your teen years. Dr. Parsons also treats adolescents with stubborn acne. Treatment options include cleansing and anti-bacterial products, as well as oral and topical antibiotic medications as required. Dr. Parsons will perform a skin analysis, to include skin bacterial count, to determine which protocol is right for you.


Rosacea is a bucket term that encompasses a group of closely related skin conditions that are characterized by facial redness, papules, and pustules resembling acne, and broken blood vessels. Rosacea usually affects fair-skinned white adults. Symptoms may wax and wane in intensity. What is known about rosacea is that there seems to be an altered function of the top layer of skin, with altered permeability.

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Chemical Peels

Treat yourself to facial skincare in a calming and relaxing setting here at ReNove Medical Spa, Rehoboth Beach. Dr. Parsons offers a wide range of professional skincare applications for most skincare concerns. Dr. Parsons is able to provide a broad selection of chemical peels that are not available at traditional day spas, that can target your specific concerns. Chemical peels can improve the appearance of fine lines,  pigmentation, dry skin, and may refine the appearance of pore size.

Skin Growths

Are you ready to lose those annoying skin tags around your neck, underarms or groin? Cutaneous tags are very common skin growths. They usually occur after midlife and are usually harmless and non-cancerous (benign). The tag sticks out of the skin and may have a short, narrow stalk connecting it to the surface of the skin. Dr. Parsons can remove your skin tags easily and quickly, including around the eyes. There is usually no regrowth or scar formation after cutaneous tags are removed, although new growths may appear elsewhere on the body.

ZO Skin Care

ZO Skin Health, Inc. develops and delivers innovative skincare solutions that optimize skin health based on the latest advances in skin therapy technologies, unique delivery systems, bio-engineered complexes, and exclusive formulations. By providing comprehensive skincare programs for physicians and their patients, ZO Skin Health, Inc. bridges the gap between therapeutic treatments and daily care, allowing patients to experience continuously healthy skin regardless of their age, ethnicity, or unique skin condition.


Why am I getting chin acne under my mask?

The increase in chin acne from mask-wearing is known as “maskne.” It is a form of acne mechanica induced by rubbing the mask over the chin when speaking. “Maskne” occurs when the terminal and vellus hairs on the chin, otherwise known as "peach fuzz", are rubbed preferentially because the hair sits above the skin. This rubbing results in mechanical irritation and the onset of acne mechanica. The solution for “maskne” is to keep the chin clean and bacteria-free. This is best accomplished by wiping the chin with rubbing alcohol each morning prior to donning the mask. Also, try to select a mask that provides protection, but is long enough to allow for some chin movement independent of the mask. Test your mask by putting it on and opening and closing your mouth. If this can be accomplished without the mask rubbing your chin, then “maskne” can be reduced to the greatest degree possible.

For more stubborn maskne that does not respond to this, we have highly penetrable benzoyl peroxide that kills on contact the bacteria that causes acne, Acne Control by ZO, retail $35. This benzoyl peroxide is micronized to allow penetration into the pores, where this bacteria can hide. Most commercial benzoyl peroxide products are not micronized and do not penetrate into the pores of the skin.

The ZO Skin Health line also has a Complexion Clearing Masque which contains Sulfur (10%) to treat and prevents acne; reduces sebum and calms irritation, retail $52.


You may come in for a complimentary consultation for acne and "maskne" and you may also purchase these products online here.

Why are my lips always chapped under my mask and what should I do to ameliorate the problem?

Many people who wear a mask now mouth breathe to move more air through the mask. This means more air is moving through the mouth than normal resulting in drying of the lips. The best solution is to wear a lip balm or vaseline, but this can mess up a good mask by making it sticky inside. Lip balm or vaseline is best applied at night when the lips are at rest. This allows the lips to heal by night and dry out by the day. It is also important not to lick the lips during the day or wear a mask that constantly rubs the lips. Be sure the mask is big enough to allow easy speech. We carry Skin Medica HA5 to increase the natural water-binding capacity of the skin. HA5 is recommended to increase permanent moisture in the facial skin and we have found it to be particularly helpful for permanently increasing moisture in the lips. HA5 works by increasing the natural hyaluronic acid in your skin, and more hyaluronic acid means more water in your skin. Skin Medica HA5 retails for $120 and we also carry HA5 travel size for $85 (travel sizes not available online). This product can also be purchased online here.

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