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Nutrafol - When It Comes to Thinning Hair, Science Is On Your Side

When It Comes to Thinning Hair,

Science Is On Your Side.

Many of our patients have been coming in with new onset of hair thinning, men and women. We have seen an increase in hair thinning since COVD-19, especially in the temples and frontal scalp areas. But hair thinning has been an issue for many people before COVID-19 and this is often hereditary, due to changes in hormones and also vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

A good way to measure how much hair loss you have experienced is by noticing the change in your pony tail thickness.

What I currently recommend to our patients to help with scalp hair loss is to begin with topical Minoxidil, or brand name Rogaine. Minoxidil is available over the counter at most pharmacies and is not expensive. It is applied to the scalp once or twice a day. I recommend the men's concentration of 5% for both men and women.

For more severe scalp hair loss or no response to topical Minoxidil I may prescribe oral Minoxidil. Minoxidil taken by mouth is a powerful anti-hypertensive, or blood pressure medication. It is not a first line treatment and is not appropriate for all people.


Scalp hair loss often affects the temple areas first


Rogaine is easy to apply to the scalp


Dr. Michelle Parsons injecting PRP for scalp hair restoration

We also offer injections of platelet rich plasma (PRP) (see here for more information). PRP Scalp injections is when we draw a small amount of blood from your arm and process this blood in a centrifuge to remove the red and white blood cells and leaving the healing growth factors that are in the remaining blood plasma. We apply topical numbing ointment to the scalp prior to the treatment. The treatment consists of a linear series of small injections where the scalp hair is thinnest. Patients may shower after the procedure and we recommend swimming for 24 hours following the treatment. 

Since our body's ability to form hair, skin and nails, is dependent on the health of our body, it is essential that we have good nutrition in the form of a well balanced diet that includes vegetables with healthy vitamins and minerals, protein, and some sources of animal protein for vitamin B12 which is only found animal sources, such as meat, dairy and eggs. To see which vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in we offer vitamin and mineral testing through Spectracell Micronutrient testing.


Life happens —  and it takes a toll on your hair.

Nutrafol patented formulas are tailored to your ever-changing needs.


Since there are a few vitamins and minerals that are well known and have been proven to be beneficial for scalp hair growth in particular, we thought it important to offer these as well in a convenient form and therefore decided to partner with the company Nutrafol which has a long track record of providing vitamin packaging specifically for scalp hair growth. We offer the Women's Balance and the Men's Hair Growth packs. Interestingly the vitamins and minerals in the Nutrafol hair restoration packs are the vitamins and minerals we most commonly recommend to our Bio-identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) patients and to our methyl tetrahydrofolate-reductase (MTHFR) deficient patients.

If you have a concern about scalp hair loss, please call or email us to make an appointment for a medical evaluation as there are MANY causes of scalp hair loss. In addition to hormonal changes, there can also be infections, autoimmune processes or trauma. You can also make an appointment for a complimentary appointment online here under consultation, just type in "hair loss" under the appointment notes section. The $25 fee to book online will be applied to any purchase or product or refunded.


Our natural approach is clinically proven to support your hair growth by targeting six key root causes affecting hair health.

  1. Hormones
    DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is an androgen hormone that is produced in the scalp. An imbalance can cause the hair follicle to shrink and eventually close entirely.

    Nutrafol uses Saw Palmetto and Maca to balance hormones and lower DHT.


  2. Stress
    Stress can cause hair follicles to shift from a growth state to a rest state. It can also disrupt hormones and nutrient absorption, impacting hair on multiple levels.

    Nutrafol is the only hair supplement that uses Sensoril® Ashwagandha to balance elevated cortisol (stress hormone) and help you build resistance to stress.


  3. Lifestyle
    Your surroundings—like the products you use and the foods you eat—can influence hair follicles by introducing toxins into your body and depleting antioxidant stores.

    Nutrafol Tocotrienol Complex and Astaxanthin both help reduce oxidative stress to promote scalp and hair health.


  4. Metabolism
    Your metabolism provides the energy needed for hair growth. Factors like aging, inflammation, and hormone imbalances can lead to poor metabolism, which negatively impacts hair cells.

    Nutrafol uses Curcumin—the most active compound in Turmeric—which promotes a healthy inflammatory response to support cellular metabolism, plus Organic Kelp, which supports thyroid health.


  5. Nutrition
    Key nutrients from the diet help build hair fibers and texture while supporting hair follicle health. Without proper nutrient absorption, hair follicles don’t get the nourishment they need.

    uses Horsetail, which provides silica to promote hair strength, and 10 supportive vitamins and minerals like Biotin, Vitamin D, Iodine, Zinc, and Selenium.

  6. Aging
    The scalp loses collagen and elastin as you age. This structural breakdown eliminates key components of the scalp that protect, hydrate, and replenish nutrients needed for hair growth—causing hair to become shorter, weaker, and less pigmented.

    uses Marine Collagen Peptides to replenish key amino acids that build strong hair and provide hydration to the scalp, plus Vitamin D to reduce hair damage.

Not all of us can be a 7 month old hair model but Nutrafol supplements can help

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