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Treat yourself to facial skincare in a calming and relaxing setting here at ReNove Medical Spa, Rehoboth Beach. Dr. Parsons offers a wide range of professional skincare applications for most skincare concerns. Dr. Parsons is able to provide a broad selection of chemical peels that are not available at traditional day spas, that can target your specific concerns. Chemical peels can improve the appearance of fine lines,  pigmentation, dry skin, and may refine the appearance of pore size. Peels are classified by how deeply they penetrate into the skin – superficial, medium, or deep. Healing time is dependent on peel depth. Unlike medium and deep peels, there is little or no downtime with superficial peels, allowing you to go about your daily routine right away.

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work by drying out the top layer of dead skin cells so they can be exfoliated and sloughed off, to stimulate new skin growth with soft, smooth, refreshed skin underneath. Chemical peels are also very effective at controlling acne breakouts and even pigment from previous acne.

Here at Renove Med Spa, we offer the best superficial, medium, and deep chemical peels available. In addition to our glycolic peels of various strengths, we have the powerful ViPeel, and this month we are introducing the Perfect Derma Peel.

What Can I Expect During a Chemical Peel?

We will prep and cleanse your skin with alcohol or another drying agent to allow effective penetration of the chemical peel. As we apply the chemical peel, you may notice a mild tingling sensation. This sensation is minimal for both the ViPeel and the Perfect Derma Peel, as the ingredient phenol, present in both peels, is a numbing agent. Upon completion of the application of the chemical peel, there will be no discomfort.

What Happens After the Chemical Peel?

Immediately after your chemical peel application, you will leave with the chemical peel still on and you will wash it off later when you are home. You will be given several post-peel towelettes that have active ingredients to continue the peeling process that you will use for the next several nights. Typically the peeling begins on day 3, and you will continue to peel and shed old skin for the next few days. It will be important during this time to use the moisturizer and sunscreen that we send you home with. The peeling is typically completed by the 6th day, leaving you with new baby skin on day 7! Peeling can last longer on the neck and chest.

Derma Peel Treatment

The Perfect Derma Peel contains several powerful ingredients instead of just one ingredient to affect the skin in multiple ways. The Perfect Derma Peel includes TCA, Kojic Acid, Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Vitamin C, and the antioxidant Glutathione. It is this combination that produces the best exfoliation, lightening, brightening, active acne treatment, and smoothing combination vs a single ingredient chemical peel. This peel can be used on all skin types.

One Perfect Derma Peel Treatment


Glycolic Peel 30% - 70%

Glycolic acid peels effectively exfoliate the uppermost damaged skin layers, leaving your skin fresh, renewed, and radiant. While glycolic acid peels can be gentle in lower concentrations, glycolic acid peels in higher concentration can cause mild peeling and redness for several days and Dr. Michele Parsons may recommend certain protective and hydrating creams while on your journey to revealing fresh, glowing skin.


Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 9.54.55 AM.png


The ViPeel is a deeper medium depth peel and will peel away the years for smoother, more radiant skin. The unique blend of ingredients in the ViPeel produces powerful results. The ViPeel offered by Dr. Parsons at ReNove Medical Spa is a combination of 5 active medications: trichloroacetic acid (TCA), RetinA, phenol, Vitamin C and salicylic acid. The Vi Peel is self-neutralizing and peeling begins on the third day after the treatment and is completed within one week.

ViPeel Testimonial:  

After turning 30, my skin took a horrible turn for the worse. All of a sudden I began breaking out along my jawline and under my chin. The painful bumps would leave scars after they went away. I tried facials, at-home masks, and several home remedies. Nothing worked. I got depressed and began my search for something to fix my skin.  I tried the ViPeel because I had tried everything else already. I was a little afraid because of the price but after 5 days of getting the peel, I could see the most beautiful skin, not only in places where I had scarring and discoloration but everywhere! People began complimenting on my skin all the time. I had a glow and even my husband was amazed! The ViPeel is truly all that it claims to be and more!” M.A. Dover, DE.

Skin Care For Men  

We treat many conditions that concern men with tailored treatments designed for a Man’s needs, such as razor burns, ingrown hairs, rosacea, and acne.

Chemical Peels - Before And After

Photo courtesy of Dr. Michelle Parsons of Renove Med Spa of actual patient.

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