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April Radiofrequency Special and CoolSculpt/Weight Loss/Hormones Brunch and Learn

Updated: Jun 28

You've asked and we deliver! One of our most popular anti-aging procedures is the wrinkle erasing, pore shrinking, skin tightening treatment known as Radiofrequency-Collagen-Induction-Therapy and now with a hyaluronic acid moisture infusion. For the month of April we will take $100 off, include a FREE hyaluronic acid infusion and a 3 product ZO Get-Skin-Ready kit PLUS a mineral based sunscreen, to achieve your best results right away!

Where Can Radiofrequency Treatments Be Used

So many of our patients have concerns about the wrinkles and rough texture of their skin around their mouths and chin and along the sides of the lower face. This is an area that is ideal to repair with radiofrequency with long lasting results. Radiofrequency treatments also addresses thinning, crepey skin under the eyes, and loose sagging eyelid skin. Another area that radiofrequency works well to tighten and firm loose skin is the neck and chest. These are the most popular treated areas, but any body area can benefit with collagen stimulation with radiofrequency and we also treat crepey arm skin, hands and knees, stretch marks, surgical scars, burn scars and even acne scars!

What Is Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency-Collagen-Induction Therapy takes the healing energy of radiofrequency and utilizes it to induce collagen productions and repair. The specific part of the electromagnetic spectrum utilized in radiofrequency treatments is most similar to naturally occurring energy spectrum somewhere in-between static electricity and lightening.

Captain Marvel getting a Radiofrequency Collagen Induction Treatment!

The most common medical radiofrequency devices are PiXel8-RF, Morpheus8 and Thermage. At Renove Dr. Parsons has chosen the PiXel8-RF radiofrequency device. The American manufactured PiXel-8 RF device gives the greatest range of power and settings, can penetrate skin deeply to deliver the best results at the greatest comfort level for our patients based on their specific needs and skin type. We can treat all skin tones, including darker skin tones. The Morpheus8 and Thermage are not as customizable and can be more uncomfortable for patients. Watch a video of Dr. Michelle Parsons, MD performing a PiXel8-RF treatment here.

Hyaluronic Acid Infusion for Increased Moisture

In April we will combine all of our RF treatments with an additional hyaluronic acid infusion with SkinPen microneedling for added moisture re-balancing and additional collagen stimulation and production. This means our RF treatments are actually two in one treatments! Dr. Parsons has found that this combination gives much better results for her patients. This is a $415 added value!

What to Expect During Your Treatment

There is nothing you need to prepare for this anti-aging treatment. When you arrive, we will cleanse your skin and will apply a topical numbing agent to the area to be treated, which remains on for 20-30 minutes. For those on the go, we can order this prescription numbing medication for you and it may be applied at home prior to your treatment time.

During the treatment, we will administer the radiofrequency pulses to the area to be treated. There is some discomfort with the treatment, but at no time will the treatment be painful, as we make adjustments for your particular skin type and tolerance. Once the treatment is complete, you can expect to appear flushed, with more redness where the skin is the thinnest, which is usually around the eyes and lips. We will apply an emollient for protection and a mineral sunscreen. You may shower or wash your skin that night before bed and again apply an emollient such as vaseline or coconut oil over night. By the morning, usually only moisturizer is required, and of course mineral sunscreen.

When Can I Expect To See Results?

After the initial healing process, most people will begin to see some improvement in wrinkles, pore size, and crepey skin within 2 weeks. The results will continue to evolve and improve over time, and results are expected to be long lasting.

For more immediate improvement, we can combine "resilient hyaluronic acid" RHA Revance around the mouth area to immediately soften wrinkles around the mouth and lips.

Take $100 OFF a Radiofrequency Collagen Induction treatment and include the neck or another body area for FREE.

Any additional selected treatment areas are HALF OFF

Hyaluronic acid moisture infusion included ($415 value)

FREE ZO 3 product Get-Skin-Ready kit PLUS a mineral based sunscreen

Take $100 off Revance hyaluronic acid filler to soften mouth/lip lines and wrinkles

Take 10% off Dysport or enjoy 2023 Botox pricing for Long Lasting Daxxify to complete the look

"April is a great time of year to take advantage of this fantastic age reversing treatment so you can look your best and youngest for this summer! I hope you take advantage of this spring time treatment to begin to reclaim your look with a very simple yet very effective treatment to take back time and restore more youthful skin. The ZO products will accelerate your recovery and get you to the results you desire even faster.

We hope you enjoy this treatment package."

CoolSculpt, Hormones, Weightloss Brunch and Learn

This April Brunch and Learn we will discuss CoolSculpting and how you can permanently and non-invasively eliminate unwanted fat from your most stubborn hard to lose areas like the abdomen, arms, bra roll, inner thighs and knees etc, just in time for summer! Save the date to learn more and watch a live demo.

We will ALSO discuss hormones and how changes in your hormones and optimizing your hormones can improve your weight loss goals, and the latest in weight loss tools such as intermittent fasting and the semaglutide medications.

We will also raffle two CoolSculpting treatments that day!

CoolSculpting Weightloss Special Package

Each attendee who books a 4-cycle treatment will receive one of the four cycles for FREE and the 3 other cycles will be discounted 20%

AND receive a free semaglutide injection the day of your treatment to really jumpstart your fat loss goals this spring! (if medically appropriate after an evaluation with Dr. Parsons)

Can't make our Brunch and Learn? Click here for details and book your treatment before April 12 to enjoy one free cycle and discounted remaining 3 cycles (minimum of 4 cycles). Still not sure if you are a good candidate for this treatment? Then book a complimentary telemed CoolSculpting Consult with Dr. Michelle Parsons. Technology has never been so convenient! ($25 booking fee will be subtracted rom your service). Not sure what area you want to treat? Purchase your treatment package and we will figure it out together! Remaining 3 cycles are each 20% off! $2,040. Book before April 12 for an additional $100 off = $1,940.

Why Renove

Dr. Michelle Parsons, MD is an experienced and trained physician and surgeon who has been practicing medical and aesthetic treatments in Rehoboth since 2006 graduating from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia 1994. She treats a variety of health-related conditions such as aging, hormone replacement therapy, vitamin testing, weight management and aesthetic treatments. The Doctor is the Difference!

We at Renove Medical Spa want you to look and feel your best. Come to the first and best Medical Spa in Sussex County, Delaware, the office of Dr. Michelle Parsons, M.D. All treatments are performed or supervised by Dr. Michelle Parsons, M.D., who is a top aesthetic physician in the U.S. with BellaDiamond and Platinum Plus awards. If you want the best results, go to the best doctor in town, because you are worth it! "The Doctor is the Difference."

Call to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if we can offer something that is right for you, 302-227-1079 or book a consultation or treatment online at Renove Med Spa | Service Menu ( Reclaim, Restore, Renove.

It's a Beautiful Day at Renove, and so are YOU!

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