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Happy Mother's Day Month of May Specials

It's May, it's Mother's Day and it's Botox Month, what a great combination! Every May, in honor of our mothers, we have special presents, giveaways and discounts for all to enjoy and take advantage of. And not to disappoint, we will offer the May Mommy Makeover package, for all moms, future moms, Just-Like-a-Moms, and for our men - those who have a mom, all May long!

For the month of May, we will have discounted Botox, Long Lasting Daxxify, Dysport and Jeaveau, $100 Gift Cards toward all fillers with your Botox treatment, a complimentary weight loss evaluation with complimentary in-office semaglutide or a B12 injection, AND a free Hand IPL treatment to soften skin and reverse the signs of aging hands when you book a Botox treatment in May. This is a great month to celebrate all Moms!

Want to learn more about Long Lasting Daxxify? Come to our LAST Lunch-and-Learn of the season, Friday May 10th, 1130am-1230pm, to watch a live demo, ask your questions and get treated all on the same day. More details to follow.

Also, hear about some new treatments now available at Renove Medical Spa: Designer Nipples and Penile Girth Enhancement.

New Sexy Treatments Available at Renove Medical Spa

At Renove Medical Spa we most often offer treatments to restore and reclaim lost vitality and appearance. It is also possible to augment areas we choose to emphasize, or enhance an area greater than might occur through nature alone. The most common area in the US that we think of that are "augmented" of course would be breast augmentation. In other part of the world it might be the Brazilian butt lift. But there are also other, more subtle areas that can be augmented. A new trend with fillers that has become popular, is to augment the nipples, known as "designer nipples", and penile girth enhancement with fillers.

Designer Nipples

Nipple enhancement is performed with a filler, such as Juvederm or Restylane, to achieve more noticeable nipple projection and perky yet soft nipples. These designer nipples are augmented to be more noticeable and to show through clothing. If this is something you have wished for, it is now a reality.

Penile Girth Enhancement

And on the male side of things, penile girth enhancement has long been an interest of men and women, and now penile girth enhancement can be easily achieved with filler injections, including with the long lasting filler, Bellafill, to maintain results for years. Message us here if you would like to learn more.


May Mother's Day Month and Makeover Special

Take 20% off any Botox/Dysport/Jeuveau treatment (minimum 30 units)

AND enjoy a $100 Gift Card toward any filler treatment.

Get The Resting Baroness Face (75 units minimum) and

ALSO enjoy a FREE Hands IPL and Weightloss Evaluation with complimentary in-office semaglutide or a B12 injection.

Here's to YOU this May, Restore, Reclaim, Renove!

-Kristin Kodenski

Renove Relationship Specialist

"Please stay tuned to learn more about Long Lasting Daxxify and these new designer treatments. I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day celebration and get to spend it how you choose. If you have any concerns about your health, wellbeing or appearance, we are here to help. I hope to see you soon!"

Why Renove Medical Spa

Dr. Michelle Parsons, MD is a an experienced physician and surgeon and Air Force veteran, who has been practicing in Rehoboth Beach since 2006. Dr. Michelle Parsons graduated from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia in 1994, and is trained in Surgery and Emergency Medicine. She treats a variety of health-related conditions such as aging, hormone replacement therapy, vitamin testing, weight management and aesthetic treatments. The Doctor is the Difference!

We at Renove Medical Spa want you to look and feel your best. Come to the first and best Medical Spa in Sussex County, Delaware, the office of Dr. Michelle Parsons, M.D. All treatments are performed or supervised by Dr. Michelle Parsons, M.D., who is a top aesthetic physician in the U.S. with BellaDiamond and Platinum Plus awards. If you want the best results, go to the best doctor in town, because you are worth it! "The Doctor is the Difference."

Call to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if we can offer something that is right for you, 302-227-1079 or book a consultation or treatment online at Renove Med Spa | Service Menu ( Reclaim, Restore, Renove.

It's a Beautiful Day at Renove, and so are YOU!

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