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Microneedling Significantly Reduces Acne Scarring

According to a research study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (October 2021), researchers found that microneedling as a treatment option for acne scars was a safe and effective option. We already knew that at Renove Med Spa, but it is nice to see it confirmed.

Acne scars can be ice pick, boxcar and rolling.

Microneedling helps to reduce acne scars

Researchers evaluated a total of 22 patients (18 female and 4 males) regarding the appearance of facial acne scarring. Acne scars were assessed via the Acne Scar Assessment Scale (ASAS) and the Goodman and Baron photographic acne scar grading system. These assessments were carried out before and after patients received two to three treatments. There was also a post-interventional report that covered the development of side reactions, adverse events and patient-reported outcomes.

Acne Scar Assessment Scale

-2 Very dissatisfied

-1 dissatisfied

0 Somewhat satisfied

+1 satisfied

+2 very satisfied

When compared to baseline, the mean ASAS value improved significantly. When assessed by independent raters and patients, the ASAS value improved on average by 1.41 and 1.46, respectively. For the patients who received a total of three treatments, a statistically significant mean improvement in ASAS value was reported compared to baseline (1.35 and 1.66). There were no adverse events reported, and the severity and rate of side effects decreased over the course of the study.

The authors concluded that microneedling proved to be a safe and effective option in significantly reducing the appearance of acne scars while showing high patient satisfaction.

If you have acne scarring and would like to see if you are a candidate for microneedling please give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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