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How to Boost Your Immune System & Protect from COVID-19

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

It has become apparent that COVID-19 is now hitting much closer to home, with more of our friends and family experiencing infection with COVID-19, and really, it was just a matter of time that this would happen without natural immunity to this novel virus and global travel. Hopefully with the massive roll out of multiple vaccines against the COVID-19 virus, the tide can be slowed and infections, if acquired, will be more mild than without the vaccine. It is important to note, that the vaccine does not prevent infection with COVID-19. What the vaccine does is prepare your body's immune system to more quickly mount an immune response and fight to subdue the virus if infected. What truly fights the virus, vaccinated or not, is our body's own defense system, our immune system.

Currently, in the hospital setting for patients infected and ill with he virus, the mainstay of treatment is aiding the patient's own immune system, like providing supplies to troops that are already in place and giving the generals the proper tools they need to order the troops how best to fight. This treatment to boost the immune system is called the MATH+ protocol. But let me back up, and discuss what you can do before you encounter the virus to already have your immune system troops well supplied and ready for action. Welcome, ascorbic acid, the A of the MATH+ protocol, otherwise known as Vitamin C. (At the end of this article I will provide a link to purchase all of these OTC supplements with a 10% discount code. If back ordered, at least you know what to look for).

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has important anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune enhancing properties. Vitamin C boosts immunity by increasing production of white blood cells, increasing antibodies and increasing the body's production of interferon, a protein made by the body in response to a viral infection to stop or slow down the replication of more virus. Vitamin C also modulates prostaglandin synthesis. Prostaglandin over-production by the body can lead to severe lung inflammation in patients with COVID-19 and difficulty breathing and oxygenation.


Vitamin C and Quercetin work together. Quercetin has direct viricidal properties against a range of viruses including the COVID-19 virus. Quercetin is also a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D insufficiency has been associated with an increased risk of acquiring COVID-19 and dying from the disease. Vitamin D has antioxidant and immune boosting properties. . Vitamin D supplementation may therefore prove to be an effective and inexpensive intervention to lessen the impact of this disease.

Zinc (always take with Copper)

the primary role of zinc is to activate almost 200 enzymes with vital roles in cell regulation, immune function, DNA and protein synthesis. In addition, Zinc inhibits RNA dependent RNA polymerase against the COVID-19 virus, which is how the virus replicates itself. Zinc should be supplemented with copper in a ratio of 10 to 1. For example zinc 25mg should be taken with copper 2.5mg. Any zinc supplementation without copper, can lead to a copper deficiency.

B Complex (in particular Thiamine)

All of the B Complex vitamins work closely together and are often taken together as one supplement. In particular, Thiamine may play a role in dampening the cytokine storm of severe COVID-19 infections. Thiamine is the "T" of the MATH+ protocol. I recommend activated B Complex which contains methylated B12 and methylated folate for improved absorption, especially for our patients with the MTHFR genetic variant.


Melatonin has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunomodulating and metabolic effects that are likely important in the mitigation of COVID-19 disease. It is intriguing to recognize that bats, the natural reservoir of coronavirus, have exceptionally high levels of melatonin, which may protect these animals from developing symptomatic disease.

Preventative Dosages, (no infection, no symptoms)

Vitamin C 500mg twice a day

Quercetin 250mg daily

Vitamin D 4,000 iu daily or 40,000 iu once weekly

Zinc 30-50mg a day (always take copper with zinc in a ratio of 1:10)

B Complex - I recommend "activated" B Complex

Melatonin 2mg before bed

Early Treatment of COVID-19 with Symptoms

Vitamin C 500mg twice a day

Quercetin 500mg twice a day

Vitamin D 4,000 iu daily or 40,000 iu once weekly

Zinc 75-100mg a day (always take copper with zinc in a 1:10 ratio)

B Complex

Melatonin 10mg before bed

Aspirin 81 - 325mg daily

I hope you all find this helpful and begin taking these supplements to keep your immune system strong and ready to fight whatever comes your way. I have created a link to purchase all of these supplements through an online supplement store, Wellevate, under the heading "Renove Winter Immune Booster" protocol with a 10% discount. Many of these supplements are becoming back ordered, so if they are back ordered on the Renove Protocol, you can search the entire Wellevate site for similar supplements from many different companies. You may also look for these supplements at other stores, such as GNC or your grocery store or other online sites. Please click on then just log in or create an account. You may also email us to send you the link directly at .

Renove Winter Immune Booster Protocol

Stellar C 90 caps: contains 600mg Ascorbic Acid and 50mg Quercetin

Quercetin plus Nettles by Designs for Health: contains 600mg Quercetin and 600mg Nettles leaf

Vitamin D Ultra 10K by Designs for Health: contains 10,000iu cholecalciferol (D3)

Zinc Picolinate with Copper by Karuna: contains Zinc 25 with Copper 2.5mg

Methyl B Complex by Ortho Molecular

Insomitol Chewables by Designs for Health: contains Melatonin 1.5mg per tablet

(these supplements may change as availability changes)

As having obtained my undergraduate degree at Rutgers University in Biochemistry, with an emphasis on vitamin and mineral metabolism, I am very happy to see vitamins making their way into mainstream medical care!

Other Tips

Avoid social media as much as possible; excess social media exposure increases the likelihood of anxiety and depression.

Read the news/information from reliable sources (if you can find one).

Have a designated time for checking information.

Stay connected to positive people! Remotely!

Have a plan for staying in touch with family and friends.

Identify positive influencers…limit contact with other “worriers.”

Isolation can cause rumination/anxious thinking to escalate.

Maintain a sense of hope, humanity and kindness toward others.

Seek professional help if anxiety is overwhelming.

Recognize the things you CAN control:

Establish social distancing - don't hug or kiss people not in your family circle.

Limit attendance at large gatherings.

Limit your contact with those who are ill.

DON’T go to work/school/out if you are sick.

Practice self-care:

Good sleep, balanced diet, exercise

Mindfulness/Meditation/Relaxation activities

We WILL get through this!

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