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Plump Your Pucker
August Lip Filler Special

Use Promo Code: S-PAGE When Booking Online 

Enhance Your Lips & Save

August will be a fantastic month for lip filler enhancement, as Allergan, will have several promos in August. August 16 will be Alle Gift Card Day where you can purchase a BOGO $75 Juvederm Gift Card. Online purchases open at noon that day, so mark your calendars! And remember, you heard it first from the staff at Renove Medical Spa!


August 16 - 31, 2023

Also, in August, Alle will be offering double and triple points on Allergan filler purchases, from August 16 - August 31. What this means for our patients, is that if you were to purchase 2 syringes of any Allergan filler, you would receive double points, or $80 deposited into your Alle account. If you were to purchase 3 syringes of any Allergan filler, you would receive triple points, or $180 dollars into your Alle account. AND Renove Medical Spa will match these savings!!!

Refined Lip Enhancement.png

Refined Lip Enhancement

Many first-time patients, who have never had a lip filler treatment, often wish to begin with something mild. The number one request we hear is that they wish to avoid "duck lips." This is a genuine concern, and to be sure, Dr. Parsons does not perform excessive or overly corrected lip enhancement treatments. For those who wish to try lip filler for the first time, Dr. Parsons recommends a specific product that allows for mild lip definition that adds softness and moisture with minimal volume. We call that "refined lip enhancement." 

Soft Volume Enhancement.png

Soft Volume Enhancement

We also have patients, who still have very good lip definition, but would like to add some soft volume. Dr. Parsons will choose a product to achieve this, to enhance volume, with a soft and natural look. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a more noticeable boost in volume, Dr. Parsons is skilled at customizing lip filler treatments to suit your unique preferences. With an eye for natural beauty, she ensures that your lips maintain their beautiful definition while adding a soft and natural-looking volume that complements your facial features.

Defined and Voluminous.png

Defined and Voluminous

The majority of the patients we see, have both loss of lip definition and loss of volume. When there is loss of lip definition, that is when the vertical lip wrinkles can cross into the pink portion of the lip, and this is also an area where lipstick can "bleed" into the lips. To add both lip definition, and to restore loss of lip volume, Dr. Parsons will choose a product that can accomplish both to address both of these concerns with one treatment. We call this treatment "Defined and voluminous."

Big and Juicy.png

Big and Juicy

We also receive requests for more dramatic lip enhancement, with good lip definition and a more dramatic volume increase. Dr. Parsons often accomplishes this with a combination of products, to achieve what we call "Big and Juicy." This treatment is for those desiring a more pronounced and voluminous lip enhancement, ensuring you achieve the luscious lips you desire. Our goal is to create a result that leaves you feeling confident and satisfied with your plumped-up pout.

Make sure to book between August 16-31 for Alle's double & triple points.

Juvederm Double Points

For a limited time, earn up to $180 in Allē points on JUVÉDERM treatments. Allergan will be offering double points for filler treatments this month. This is the perfect time to take advantage of our filler special. Apply this offer to Juvederm and Voluma products.


Flaunt It Five Ways


5 long-lasting fillers to meet your unique needs:

  • Add volume for lift and contour in the cheeks with JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC

  • Smooth lines around the nose and mouth with JUVÉDERM VOLLURE XC, JUVÉDERM Ultra XC, and JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus XC

  • Plump lips with JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC for subtle, natural-looking results or JUVÉDERM Ultra XC for a bold pout

Get ready to head back to school with confidence! To show our appreciation for our hardworking teachers and school district employees, we are offering an exclusive Back to School Special. Enjoy a fabulous 20% discount on Botox to refresh and rejuvenate your look, and take advantage of a fantastic 10% off another service of your choice. Let's make this school year your best one yet! Book your appointment now and treat yourself before the busy days begin. Offer valid when you bring in your School District issued ID in the month of August. The office will be closed for Labor Day September 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th.

Teacher in Classroom

Dr. Parsons has developed a propriety blend of over 20 high-potency vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to deliver these nutrients directly and immediately for her patients intravenously. This "Everything" IV includes all of the B Complex Vitamins, minerals such as zinc, selenium, calcium, and magnesium; high potency B12, high dose Vitamin C, and high dose Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. Most "IV Centers" provide commercially prepared IV bags and can only deliver 3 ingredients at most. Not so with the Everything IV by Dr. Parsons. 


This IV helps with fatigue, brain fog, energy, boosts the immune system, and promotes longevity and health.

At Renove Medical Spa, we believe in taking time to rest and recharge. That's why we'll be closed on September 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th to celebrate the Labor Day holiday with our loved ones. We hope you have a fantastic long weekend filled with relaxation and fun!


Don't worry; we'll be back in full swing on the 7th to provide you with exceptional care and all your favorite treatments. Remember, self-care is essential, and we can't wait to pamper you when we return!

Labor Day
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