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May Specials

Use Promo Code: FLOWERS


It's May,

it's Botox month!

And just in time for

Mother's Day.

Take 20% off ALL neuromodulators this month, that includes Botox, Dysport, Jeaveau, and Xeomin.  If you are a mother, have a mother, know a mother, get your Mother's Day gift now and save, save, save! AND enter to win a FREE CoolSculpt treatment with your Botox purchase! The minimum purchase is 30 units for a special discount and raffle. 

Get your Botox treatment from the most experienced physician injector in our area. Dr. Parsons is among the top 1% injectors in the US and has been injecting Botox for over 15 years. Come to Renove Med Spa and know you are getting the best treatment available.

Are you starting to pay more attention to the wrinkles across your forehead, the lines between your eyes, or your crow’s feet? When you start noticing lines on your face “at rest,” which means while having no facial expression, it’s the right time to start using a relaxing injectable like Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin to prevent wrinkles etching into your skin.

Use Promo Code: FLOWERS


20% Off Botox And Enter Raffle

To Win A FREE CoolSculpt Cycle

We will raffle 10 cycles AND take

10% off Ultherapy for a brow lift or the eye-opener WITH your Botox treatment AND get FREE Intense Eye cream (Value $77) with an eye mask.
(while supplies last)

Use Promo Code: FLOWERS


Be On The Look Out

There may be Allergan May coupons available on May 1.

We don't have the details but a little bird told us,

Free coupon per Alle account or per email. 

Image by Sebastián Ramírez Sánchez

truSculpt flex SPECIAL

Purchase a CoolSculpting treatment and receive 50% off truSculpt flex 6 treatment package and 25 units of free Botox ($325 value).  


Summer is around the corner, now is the time to sculpt abs and buttock to get ready for swimwear!

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