May Specials


Botox Month

Are you starting to pay more attention to the wrinkles across your forehead, the lines between your eyes, or your crow’s feet? When you start noticing lines on your face “at rest,” which means while having no facial expression, it’s the right time to start using a relaxing injectable like Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin to prevent wrinkles etching into your skin.

Read more about how America Is About to Go Botox Wild and The post-pandemic beauty boom has arrived.

20% off Botox with
a free ZO Skin Care Product
while supplies last

(minimum of 30 unit purchase and minimum 1 single skincare product purchase)

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Getting Skin Ready®

Healthy skin starts with the basics. Bring skin back to its most healthy, balanced state for a clear complexion, regardless of skin type.

20% off Botox with a free ZO Skin Care Product while supplies last
(minimum of 30 unit purchase and minimum 1 single skincare product purchase)

Happy Mother’s Day
Sweepstakes & Promotional Alle Gift Card

Eligible consumers can register for a chance to win one of Allergan's big prizes:

  • Grand Prize: $25,000 for you and $25,000 for your nominated #MoreThanAMom

  • 100 winners: 1 year of free BOTOX® Cosmetic ($2,000 in Alle rewards)

  • 1,000 winners: $100 off a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment

Registration period: 4/21/21 - 5/9/21


$100 for a $150 gift card eligible for use on any Allergan Aesthetics product. Maximum 1 gift card per consumer. Must be an Alle member to purchase. Launching May 4th, while supplies last.


The Juvederm double points offer is still going strong!


Earn double Alle points on any JUVEDERM filler when they are treated with any Juvederm 1mL filler and Botox during the same visit

  1. Juvederm Syringe with Botox earn 600 points / $60

  2. Juvederm Syringes with Botox earn 1000 points / $100

  3. Juvederm Syringes with Botox earn 1400 points / $140

  4. Juvederm Syringes with Botox earn 1800 points / $180

2/9/2021 - 5/9/2021
Image by Sebastián Ramírez Sánchez

truSculpt flex SPECIAL

Purchase a CoolSculpting treatment and receive 50% off truSculpt flex 6 treatment package and 25 units of free Botox ($325 value).  


Summer is around the corner, now is the time to sculpt abs and buttock to get ready for swimwear!


My undergraduate training was in Nutrition and Biochemistry with an emphasis on Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism. I always hoped one day to be able to instruct my patients on the importance of vitamin and minerals and nutrition as the key to healthy biochemistry to as stay healthy as possible. Some 30 years since I was at college at Rutgers University I finally get my chance!

When the nerves in our brains can’t talk to each other, it’s a problem. Learn more how...

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We can test for biotin deficiency as well as 34 other micronutrients. Book online or give us a call 302-227-1079 requesting "Spectracell Micronutrient Testing" listed under the Wellness and Integrative Health tab.


Or contact us for an email link to purchase. Set up your account and Dr. Parsons will send you an invitation with a recommended protocol.