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Breast Lift with Ultherapy

Ultherapy Decolletage for Lift

Now that bathing suit season is upon us, the decolletage is an area that becomes more front and center, so to speak. Our friends - time, sun and gravity -work their deleterious effects on this sensitive skin area, leaving our skin here looking more weathered than maybe the rest of our skin does. The skin of the chest is definitely more thin and more fragile than a lot of other skin areas, such as back skin, which is some of our thickest skin and so does not tend to age as badly compared to chest skin. Not only can the skin of the decolletage appear more crepey and have more uneven pigment from repeated sun exposure, but this thinning of the decolletage skin can also lead to dropping of the breasts, and nobody wants that! Welcome Ultherapy ultrasound skin tightening of the decolletage!

Improve Crepey Chest Skin with Ultherapy

Ultherapy is a treatment protocol that utilizes highly focused ultrasound energy to deliver heat deep into the skin, to cause heating and tightening of the treated area. The very nice thing about Ultherapy, is that unlike lasers, it leaves no redness or prolonged healing following the treatment, so immediately following the treatment, no one will be able to tell that you had any treatment at all performed, and you may continue to don your summer wear.

Ultherapy Skin Tightening with Ultrasound
Ultherapy Skin Tightening with Ultrasound

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

The deep tissue heating of Ultherapy stimulates the skin to form new collagen, which is the substance that gives our skin it's structure and support, like a steel frame to a skyscraper. This new collagen takes some time to form after it has been stimulated by Ultherapy, but visible tightening is usually visible immediately after the treatment. This is due to the direct tightening effect of the heat from the ultrasound energy, like microwaving shrink wrap on a bowl. After this initial heat induced skin tightening, the tightening effects of the new collagen will come in to play and become noticeable about 8 weeks after the treatment. Further collagen formation and visible tightening continue for up to one year after your Ultherapy treatment, with the majority of tightening and lifting occurring at 6 months after your treatment. It is at this time, that you will notice a subtle lifting of the breasts, with more fullness in the upper portion of your bra.

How Many Times Do I Need to Have Ultherapy Done to Achieve a Breast Lift?

You will notice an improvement in the position of your breasts after one treatment at about 8 weeks and continued improvement for 1 year following the treatment, with the majority of tightening occurring at 12 weeks. If you are pleased with your results at this point, there is no need for another treatment. If you desire further lifting, we recommend additional treatments spread apart by 12 weeks for ongoing tissue tightening and breast lifting.

Is Ultherapy Recommended for Large Breasts?

The Ultherapy treatment will cause skin tightening of the decolletage regardless of breast size. However, the amount of lift that can be achieved with Ultherapy will be limited if you have larger sized breasts. That said, we have treated people with size D and DD cups with success and notable improvement in breast and nipple position, so that the nipples point in a more horizontal or upward direction vs a downward direction.

What About Chest Skin Crepiness and Pigment?

Since the ultherapy treatment stimulates deep collagen to form, this stimulation of collagen does translate into an improvement in overlying skin texture with an improvement of overall skin crepiness of the decolletage. However, Ultherapy does not treat the pigment or freckling.

What I recommend to further improve the texture, wrinkling or crepiness of the skin of the decolletage is to add Microneedling as part of the treatment. Microneedling specifically addressing the more superficial skin texture and can noticeably improve crepiness after 1 treatment. Microneedling of the chest skin does have more redness following the treatment but heals quickly and the only after care is adequate physical suncreen, with zinc and titanium, and to avoid direct sun exposure for a few days following the treatment.

What About Unwanted Chest Pigment?

To lift and remove unwanted pigment and freckles on the chest, I recommend Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). This light treatment brings the pigment to the surface over a period of several weeks, and then flakes off, without peeling, crusting or need for skin coverings. There is a sensation of a sunburn for an hour after the treatment. Darkening of the pigment as it works it way to the surface before flaking off, is the only downtime of IPL treatment of chest skin.

Our July 2020 Special

This July, in honor of bathing suit season, we will be featuring Ultherapy Decolletage Lift, with a complimentary (optional) chest Microneedling treatment ($350 value) or Intense Pulsed Light treatment ($500 value) the same day, your choice. Also included is a beach tote with ZO sunscreen with tinted primer to protect your investment! Prices and details to follow with our July Special Email or call us to see if you are candidate for this treatment 302-227-1079 and additional details.



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