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Firework Special

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Surfer Girl in Polka Dot Bikini


In honor of bathing suit season we will be featuring Ultherapy Decolletage lift with free IPL, a $525 value. Ultherapy utilizes Ultrasound to tighten and lift chest and breast skin with long lasting noticeably smoother textured results adding lift and the appearance of fuller volume to breasts.

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Can Other Areas Be Treated with IPL?

The decollete or chest is another area that often shows signs of sun damage and can exaggerate your age. Intense pulsed light works very well for correcting the damage in this area, though more than one treatment is often needed due to the more extensive pigmentation most women have here. Though once corrected, treating the chest is very rejuvenating! Hands, arms and legs can also be treated.

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FREE Neo Therapy for Neck and Decollete tightening cream giveaway when you take advantage of our Ultherapy special!


Also before we run out, buy your 1 Fl oz Exfoliation Accelerator. It is extremely hard to find and is out of stock until September! Schedule your consultation today to get ready for bathing suit season!

Ready to Party

Breast Lift Ultherapy

Bathing Suit Season Is Here

During the summer the decolletage is an area that becomes more front and center, so to speak. Our friends - time, sun and gravity - work their deleterious effects on this sensitive skin area, leaving our skin here looking more weathered than maybe the rest of our skin does, with loss of elasticity and sun damage.  Thinning of the decolletage skin can also lead to dropping of the breasts. Welcome Ultherapy ultrasound skin tightening of the decolletage! 

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