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Breastfillers Ultherapy

Now that bathing suit season is upon us,

the decolletage is an area that becomes more front and center, so to speak. Our friends - time, sun and gravity - work their deleterious effects on this sensitive skin area, leaving our skin here looking more weathered than maybe the rest of our skin does. The skin of the chest is definitely more thin and more fragile than a lot of other skin areas, such as back skin, which is some of our thickest skin and so does not tend to age as badly compared to chest skin. Not only can the skin of the decolletage appear more crepey and have more uneven pigment from repeated sun exposure, but this thinning of the decolletage skin can also lead to dropping of the breasts, and nobody wants that! Welcome Ultherapy ultrasound skin tightening of the decolletage! 



We recommend to further improve the texture, wrinkling or crepiness of the skin of the decolletage is to add Microneedling as part of the treatment. 



To lift and remove unwanted pigment and freckles on the chest, Renove Med Spa recommends Intense Pulsed Light. 

THIS JULY... honor of bathing suit season,
we will be featuring Ultherapy Decolletage Lift, $1,500, with a complimentary chest Microneedling treatment ($350 value) or Intense Pulsed Light treatment ($500 value) the same day, your choice.

Also included is a beach tote with ZO sunscreen with tinted primer ($33 value) to protect your investment!

Ask our knowledgeable staff, book an appointment, or just walk in today.

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