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Vitamin IV Infusions Coming Soon

With the renewed interest in wellness and the benefits of vitamins and nutrients to boost the immune system, ward off disease and promote longevity and health, Dr. Parsons has received additional training and certification in IV Vitamin infusions to meet the needs that our patients are asking for. But why not just take vitamins by mouth? What studies and experience has shown us is that there is much greater absorption and bioavailability by administering vitamins intravenously or intramuscularly as an injection than going through the GI system first.

IV Vitamin Infusions Coming Soon to Renove Med Spa

The purpose of an IV approach to nutritional therapies is:

1. Better bioavailability of nutrients via bypassing 1st pass effect as well as circumventing loss of potency and GI upset.

2. To infuse larger quantities of nutrients directly into the bloodstream with maximum potency.

3. To assist with repletion of nutrients and hydration.

4. Allows the body to absorb 10-20 times more nutrients.

If you are a nurse or have worked in a hospital emergency department you may be familiar with administering intravenous thiamine or a "banana bag" to alcoholic patients to prevent certain consequences of severe alcoholism such as acute thiamine deficiency which can lead to a neurologic disorder known as Wernecke's encephalopathy. You may have also administered a Myer's Cocktail, which is an intravenous therapy that contains magnesium, calcium Vit B5, B6, B12, B complex and Vit C. It is an intravenous nutrient formulation that was created by John Meyer’s MD over 35 years ago who was a physician in Baltimore.

Typical Yellow Color of an IV "Banana Bag"

If these vitamin infusions work well enough in the emergency department and inpatient setting, they sure can work just as well in the outpatient setting!

Conditions that may benefit from Meyer’s Cocktail

Chronic fatigue/depression

Lack of energy


Immune support for acute cold/virus



Acute muscle spasms

Vitamin C

It is also popular to infuse Vitamin C intravenously. Ascorbic acid is a water soluble vitamin necessary for the immune system, collagen production and tissue repair. When taken by mouth, Vitamin C absorption into the bloodstream only increases minimally even when the dose is increased from 200mg to 2,500mg. Therefore taking mega doses of Vit C doesn't really help that much when taken by mouth.

Intravenous or intramuscular doses of Vitamin C are much more bioavailable to patients and are absorbed into the bloodstream much more readily.

Vit C Can Also Be Given as an Injection - Available Now

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C May help with depression as Vit C is needed for epi/norepinephrine synthesis. Vitamin C may boost the immune system as Vit C is required for production of interferon. Higher ascorbate levels are associated with lower rates of stroke, lower blood pressure in hypertension, improved endothelial function in smokers, diabetics, and hyper cholesterol states.

IV Vitamin C Therapy with various other antioxidants and nutrients has been used for years as a treatment option for an array of cancers. Very high doses of IV Vit C (15 to 100 grams/infusion) in literature appear to be toxic (lethal) to cancer cells. In the outpatient setting we will stick to 50 grams or less of intravenous Vitamin C, which is still A LOT of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C infusion therapies at higher doses may give the following benefits:

Improves skin texture and makes it glow.

Boosts your immune system to fight stress, flu, colds and low energy.

Protects cell structures DNA, protein, and collagen from oxyradicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) antioxidant properties.

Accelerates wound healing by aiding in the production of proline and lysine enzymes.

Accelerates collagen production.

Boosts energy by facilitating fat breakdown.

There ARE some contraindications to the use of IV Vitamin C, such as having the genetic variant called G6PD, the condition of hemochromatosis (iron deposits in organs), and kidney disorders, which is why it is best to have a physician prescribe IV vitamin treatments.

B Complex Vitamins

There are 8 B vitamins, they play an important role in the conversion of our food into fuel, allowing us to stay energized throughout the day. Possible uses would for people with GI issues, promoting cell growth and division, forming red blood cells, enhancing the immune system, maintaining healthy skin and muscle tone and easing stress and improving mood.

IV Glutathione

Glutathione is THE MAJOR antioxidant produced by cells to neutralize free radicals and detoxify poisons. Glutathione is a key antioxidant for DNA synthesis and repair, protein synthesis, prostaglandin synthesis, and amino acid transport.

Raised glutathione levels increase strength and endurance, shift metabolism from fat production to muscle and decrease muscle damage. Glutathione can be given IV and IM as an injection. Possible side effect low zinc level. Glutathione is very poorly absorbed by mouth so it is given intramuscularly as an injection or intravenously.

It is important to understand that intravenous vitamin therapies are a medical procedure. Even though some non-medical facilities may promote intravenous vitamin infusions as a beauty, boutique or aesthetic treatment, a complete medical history with complete charting, with pre-operative, intra-operative, and post treatment guidelines are necessary for this procedure, as with all medical procedures.

It is necessary to find an established and experienced physician to prescribe intravenous nutrition therapeutics along with a reputable compounding pharmacy.

Currently we offer several vitamin injections as a simple shot. We have Vitamin B12, and now we are offering Vitamin C injections, and a combination Tri-Immune Boost which contains high dose Vitamin C, glutathione and Zinc. Tr-Immune boost as well as Vitamin C or Vitamin B12 can be done monthly or as frequently as weekly.


High Dose Vitamin C Injection - $45

Tri Immune Boost Injection (Vitamin C, Glutathione, Zinc) - $60

Vitamin B12 Injection - $30. See more info on B12 here Vitamin B12 and MTHFR Treatment | Renove (renovemedspa.org)

To book online for a vitamin injection click here:

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Advanced IV Therapy

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme central to metabolism and is utilized to activate longevity pathways. NAD is a coenzyme found in every single living cell and is required for fundamental biological processes to occur, but the body has a limited supply, as NAD levels decline with age. Still, some scientists believe that it is not necessarily the availability of NAD that is problematic, but the ratio of NAD to NADH. This is because the ratio dictates how effectively the cell can produce ATP, adenosine triphosphate — the energy currency of the cell.

Healthy NAD levels are necessary for cell repair and tissue re-modeling. As we age, NAD production declines and NAD metabolic activity becomes less. Low levels of NAD are not just associated with aging, NAD deficiency is also linked to symptoms associated with many chronic and degenerative diseases, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s and ALS.

As we get older we consume more NAD to repair damage. Aging, toxins, medications, infection, anything that damages a cell requires NAD to repair. Before 30 we can recycle NAD, but as we get older we lose that ability to restore the NAD level. Typically patients over 45 years suffer in varying degrees from NAD deficiency.

Fasting can help raise NAD levels, as can exercise. We can also supplement with NAD precursors, like nicotinamide riboside. NAD supplementation may counterbalance age related degradation of NAD. Studies in animals and humans indicate that NAD replacement supports several other biological pathways via NAD dependent enzymes.

Proposed Benefits of NAD

Increased metabolism

Increased energy

Pain alleviation

Reduced inflammation

Alleviate opiate or substance withdrawal symptoms

Prevent and correct DNA damage

Increased Anti-aging benefits

Fatigue CFS

PTSD and anxiety

Protect cells against oxidative stress and impaired mitochondrial function

Better focus and memory, better sleep

There are no Contraindications to using NAD, it is already in our bodies.

There are no reported contraindications/precautions for NAD+ IV, oral or by IM/SQ injection other than individuals with known allergy to NAD Injection should not use this product.

Protocol – Anti Aging

1 Week Course

IV infusion of 250mg or 500mg NAD+ over 2-4 hours (depending on dosing) 3x in week 1 (alternate days)

Resveratrol (600mg) and/or Nicotinamide Riboside (500-600mg daily) (available through Wellevate wellevate.me/michelle-parsons

Intensive Monthly Course