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♥ I started receiving the B12 injections from Dr. Parsons last week. It’s a great healthy way to boost your energy and assist with weight loss. After the first injection, I found I had a huge drop in appetite. Can’t wait to see where my weight stands in a month or so! Thanks, Dr. P! You’re the best!

♥ Hello,

I have taken phentermine before and it worked great and looking to take it again I have a weight loss goal of 45 to 50 lbs, is this something I should try again?


♥ Michelle, I love the Vi peel, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! I was never able to have peels because I have olive skin, so this was my first peel ever and it rocks! It took years off my face, and I have just booked a second one, which I think will reduce some deep acne scarring even more. I love this peel! For anyone who hasn’t had one: you have to do this. It doesn’t hurt at all, and while there is a bit of downtime (a few days when your skin peels off in sheets and looks a little like a sunburn) it is nothing like the photos I’ve seen of different types of chemical peels. Totally painless, no horrible red puffy skin, fantastic result. Just follow the post-peel instructions to the letter. You won’t believe how smooth and clear your skin looks. And, in my opinion, eliminating discolorations does more to erase age than anything else. Vi peel is the real deal and Michelle is an artist!

♥ This was a great day! Michelle and the Spa made us feel like queens! A HUGE thank you to Dr. Parsons!

♥ Dr. Parsons is the Best. I had Laser Hair Removal and the results were better than I expected. She is so kind, as well as being very informative. I highly recommend her services.

♥ If you are looking for quality professional hair removal look no further. The service is discreet, professional and the results have far exceeded my expectations in such a short time. Dr. Parsons addressed all of my concerns, questions and generally put me at ease. I highly recommend her services and you won't meet a kinder person. Thanks, Kristen

♥ I am a client of Dr. Michelle Parsons and receiving laser hair removal on my back. During the first visit, she took the time to evaluate the treatment area and gave a thorough explanation of the process. After the very first treatment, I was able to see a drastic change in the rate at which the hair grew. I have finished my 4th treatment at this time and Dr. Parsons has said that the fifth will be the last. Total hair removal in only 5 treatments on such a large area. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the entire treatment process and professionalism I have received from Dr. Parsons and the Renove staff.

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