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Dear Clients of Renove Med Spa,

Due to recent events, updated information, and the very contagious nature of Covid19, we have decided to close. We will keep you all informed of when we will reopen. As you, we are taking this one day at a time.

If you need to contact us, emailing us will be the best way to reach us at, instead of leaving a voice message. Also, you may rebook online any scheduled appointment that we had to cancel due to the office closing. Please do not schedule any appointments for at least 2 weeks. Please rebook appointments starting Monday April 6th.

While we are closed, we will begin offering Telemedicne appointments to all our clients and their immediate family members. Telemedicine appointments will be focused on concerns of the Covid-19 virus, possible exposure and/or possible infection with the virus, if you are unable to reach your primary care physician. We will send out more information on this soon.

If you are concerned you may have Covid-19, please go to this link: and take the CDC Coronavirus Self Checker online questionnaire.

Thank you all for your understanding.

Be safe, be well, and stay as isolated as possible,

Dr. Michelle Parsons, Brie, Amber and Lori

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