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Defy Gravity with the Radiesse Liquid Facelift & Xeomin

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Wouldn't you love to lift sagging cheeks, strengthen your jaw line, have more of a chin or fill in those deep valleys along the sides of your nose? You may think surgery, or a facelift, is your only option. Well it isn't. Welcome the liquid facelift! The liquid facelift utilizes injectable products to create lift, volume and contour, restoring you to a more youthful appearance. This month we will be featuring the liquid facelift with Radiesse, an FDA approved, long lasting facial dermal filler. I have been utilizing Radiesse dermal filler for over ten years now, and it performs as promised, easy and comfortable on the patient, with immediate results, and results that last one year.

What Ages Us Most?

What do you think ages our appearance the most? Is it lines or wrinkles? Discoloration or uneven pigment? Sagging skin? Truthfully, it is a combination of all these factors, but there is one major underlying cause that contributes to the sagging, lines and wrinkles, and it's loss of volume, the loss or migration south of the natural fullness we once had in our cheeks, temples, eye areas and sides of the nose and chin. Think of a youthful face, and you'll most likely picture a face with full, rounded cheeks. That's because fat plays a large part in filling out the skin and keeps our faces looking smooth and supple.

So, if a loss of fullness is primarily responsible for aging our faces, then why is a facelift the go to for some looking to reclaim a younger appearance? The truth is, for many people, it may not be. More and more physicians and patients are seeking to improve the appearance not through stretching and pulling the skin tighter, but by filling the areas of volume loss, where once there was natural fullness. Enter, the liquid facelift.

What Is A Liquid Facelift?

A liquid facelift is the lifting, filling, smoothing and recontouring of the face through the use of injectable dermal fillers, such as Radiesse, Bellafill, Voluma and Juvederm to name a few, in a way that is natural in appearance without an over plumped artificial look. All of these products are produced in different ways using different materials, and they each have their own unique properties and characteristics. But you don't have to decide with dermal filler is right for you, without first discussing your needs and concerns with your physician.

The liquid facelift can lift sagging cheeks and jawline

Facial areas that I love to fill, are the medial cheeks, or the "apples" of the cheeks. Often with time and gravity, these cute apples fall and land somewhere near our jawlines, affectionately known as the jowls. Restoring this area of the cheeks is immediately rejuvenating and lifting without looking artificial or overdone, as it only restores natural volume that has been lost over time. I can also extend the cheeks laterally to restore natural high cheeks bones, and even create them if desired. This is done in a subtle way and has a very rejuvenating effect. Other very common areas I inject with dermal fillers are the nasolabial fold areas, or the valleys along the sides of the nose, the marionette lines or grooves along the chin and corners of the mouth. Radiesse is also my top choice of dermal fillers to treat hands. If you feel your hands are looking thin or bony, we can plump them up with Radiesse!

Radiesse injections Dr. Kormelli, Santa Monica

Why Radiesse?

This month, July 2019, we will be featuring Radiesse. I have been using Radiesse as a facial dermal filler to restore facial volume for over ten years. Radiesse is a natural substance, calcium hydroxylapatite, a completely biocompatible material and FDA approved with a safety track record of over 20 years. Radiesse injection is easy and comfortable for the patient, with the usual risks of swelling and bruising, as with any dermal filler. What is unique about Radiesse is that in addition to being a dermal filler that delivers immediate results, it is also a collagen stimulator, unlike most other fillers other than Bellafill which are not, thereby improving the treated areas with longer term results with the production of the patient's own natural collagen, though to not the same extent as Bellafill or Sculptra. Radiesse is also one of the most economical fillers as the syringes of Radiesse come with 50% more filler than most other dermal filler products. Each syringe of Radiesse is 1.5 cc vs 1 cc for most other dermal filler products. Radiesse is a great choice if you would like long lasting results, of one year on average duration, without going with a filler that is permanent.

Radiesse 50% more product per syringe

Adding a Neuromodulator or "Toxin"

And as part of the overall liquid facelift procedure, dermal fillers like Radiesse are often used in conjunction with neuromodulators like Botox, Xeomin, Dysport or Jeuveau. The use of Botox, Xeomin or Jeuveau in addition to dermal fillers can make for better, longer lasting results. The "tox" blocks the nerve impulses that cause muscle contractions. When injected into specific areas, it effectively relaxes the muscles that are responsible for making certain facial expressions; these repeated facial expressions contribute to the breakdown of collagen in certain areas, leading to deep creases and expression lines. Botox, Xeomin or Jeuveau can be especially useful when dermal fillers have been used to fill in expression lines, as repeated over use of the surrounding muscles will cause the filler to break down more quickly. Using neuromodulators can lengthen the time before more injections are needed to maintain results. as desired for a complete liquid facelift or hands treatment. For more information on Radiesse visit the NIH website on Radiesse at .

Soften lines and creases with Botox or Xeomin

Radiesse and Xeomin July 2019 Special

Radiesse is a great dermal filler, gives great volume, with a soft natural appearance, and lasts a long time without being permanent, though with a small amount of collagen stimulation, which we could all use. We have been assisted by our Merz Company reps this month to bring to you a discount with the addition of free Xeomin with purchase of at least 2 syringes of Radiesse. If this treatment is right for you, I hope you can take advantage of these great savings and start enjoying your restored facial contours and feel "uplifted" sooner than later! Call us to see if the liquid facelift with Radiesse and Xeomin are right for you! 302-227-1079.

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