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Look Your Best in Your Holiday Dress Now with CoolSculpting Holiday Packages

Halloween candy has arrived and Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Winter is a notorious time for putting on a few extra pounds with holiday parties, meals and get togethers, but this year will be different!

In honor of fall and the holidays, we will be offering a combination of targeted fat reduction treatments with CoolSculpting combined with the most powerful appetite suppressant, semaglutide, for even better success with your weight loss goals. Choose one body area to treat with CoolSculpting, such as your abdominal area, and we will treat a second area for free! For example, target your low abdominal area, and add your waist, hips, inner thighs or bra rolls areas at no additional cost! Schedule both areas the same day or within 4 weeks to lock in your savings. In addition to our regular weight loss dietary recommendations, Dr. Parsons can offer an evaluation for an in-office injection of semaglutide, a new class of medication used for weight loss, to further enhance your fat reduction results included with your CoolSculpting treatment so that you can lose the maximum amount of fat and look your best this holiday season. The more your treat, the more you get FREE!

The Muffin Top

Nope, not blueberry muffins. The number one area we regularly address with CoolSculpting is the abdominal area. Many of us have some extra rolls that we just can't lose in this stubborn area. This fall you can treat to transformation your abdomen and muffin top areas before the holidays. Select a four cycle CoolSculpting package to target your abdominal fat and then to maximize your fat loss results choose another body area to CoolSculpt for free! Book your CoolSculpting Muffin Top package here and we will add the second area of your choice to treat the same day for free!

Take Some Off The Back

Want to look your best in that Holiday party dress without bra roll fat popping through? Then choose this 4 cycle CoolSculpting Lose the Bra Roll and Back Fat package this month and choose another body area to treat for free or treat the same area twice with a CoolSculpting Fat Attack plan for even better results! Book your Take Some Off the Back CoolSculpting package here and we'll add a second body area of your chose to CoolSculpt for free.

Wave Goodbye Again Arm Fat Package

Wave goodbye to Arm Fat and Bat Wings and wear that sleeveless dress again! CoolSculpting can reduce fat on any part of the arm, and can also improve crepey arm skin with this CoolSculpting Arm Fat package. Choose the 4 cycle CoolSculpting Wave Goodbye Again arm fat package and select another 4 cycle CoolSculpting package to treat another body area for free!

Heavy Sigh Thigh Treatment

Do you have inner thigh fat that has gotten annoying and won't go away? Say goodbye to annoying Inner thigh fat or fat anywhere on the thighs and walk comfortably in that mini party dress again. We can treat inner knee fat, and fat above the knees too. Choose the 4 cycle CoolSculpting Thigh package and choose another body area to CoolSculpt for free!

November Special Pricing

For the month of November we will be offering buy one area to CoolSculpt and get an other area for free. Areas are 4 cycles at $850 each so one area is 4x$850 = $3,400. But in November you will pay $0 for any second area of your choice, that's a Savings of $3,400!!

The Holidays are right around the corner, so book now and start looking and feeling your best right now, You are worth it. Restore, Reclaim, Renove.

We at Renove Medical Spa want you to look and feel your best. So come to the best and first Medical Spa in Sussex County, Delaware, the office of Dr. Michelle Parsons, M.D. All treatments are performed or supervised by Dr. Michelle Parsons, M.D., who is a top 10% aesthetic physician in the U.S. with BellaDiamond and Platinum awards. If you want the best results, go to the best doctor in town, because you are worth it! Visit us at historic downtown Rehoboth Beach, where patient parking is always available just for you. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if a treatment with Dr. Parsons is right for you, 302-227-1079 or book a consultation or treatment online at Renove Med Spa | Service Menu ( Restore, Reclaim, Renove!

It's a Beautiful Day at Renove, and so are YOU!

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