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Get Gym Results without going to the Gym

Introducing TruSculpt flex – the solution to tone ab, thighs, and buttock muscles

Has circumstances kept you from doing the things you normally enjoy doing, such as being active either at the gym or outdoors? Have you been one of the many who spent way more time at home than you usually do, and now it shows a bit, and this contributed to being less than fit than you could have been otherwise? Well, it’s not your fault, this has happened to a lot of us. But we, at Renove Medical Spa, are here to help! We can help you get your fitness level back to where you were before and beyond that, with our TruSculpt flex program.

What Is TruSculpt flex?

TruSculpt flex is an innovative device that builds and strengthens muscles with dramatic and long lasting results. TruSculpt flex was developed

by a California company for chiropractic use to enhance muscle tone, especially for the core or abdominal and back muscles. TruSculpt flex is now part of the Cutera family of medical devices, an American company with a long track record for innovative medical devices and has been available at Renove Medical Spa since December 2019. You can visit Cutera’s website at

What muscle areas can be treated with TruSculpt flex?

The nice thing about TruSculpt flex is that it is a very versatile and flexible system and can be used to treat many muscle areas of concern. The most common areas that we tend to target with the TruSculpt flex are the core abdominal and back muscles. This is an area that so many people lose strength, which can begin to affect posture, lead to back pain and weak abdominal muscles which can bow out andmake the abdomen look larger. People who have this weak core, often have a difficult time correcting this weakness, as it is difficult to do typical core strengthening exercises, such as sit ups, push ups, and planks. But with the Trusculpt flex, patients can lie in comfort and have the abdominal and back muscles exercised for them. For example, in a 45 minute treatment session, the TruSculpt flex will perform the equivalent of 54,000 crunches!

Other areas typically treated by TruSculpt flex are the thighs, calves, shoulder, biceps and triceps. The TruSculpt flex can also treat the buttock area for a non-surgical buttock lift. Multiple areas can be treated at once.

How does the TruSculpt flex work?

The TruSculpt flex utilizes direct muscle stimulation, administered through small pads that are placed over the muscles to be treated. The direct stimulation causes the muscles to contract involuntarily, much faster and harder than can be accomplished through normal exercise. Multiple body areas are typically treated at the same time, for example, the abdomen and low back are treated at the same time, both arms, both legs, are treated at the same time. Simultaneous areas treated can be tailored to each individual patient.

Since this direct muscle stimulation is so much greater than can be accomplished through normal exercise, muscle builds up quickly and also lasts a long time. A typical treatment plan would include 4 to 6 treatments spaced about a week apart. You will feel the muscles getting firmer and stronger right away, and the muscle development will peak 6 weeks after the last treatment, and lasts 4-6 months after the last treatment. Some patients use this as a substitute for an ongoing gym membership and maintain their results with a once monthly treatment. For more information on TruSculpt flex visit our website.

If you would like to see if you are a candidate for direct muscle stimulation with TruSculpt flex please please reach out to us by booking online, calling us at 302-227-1079 or emailing us at for a complimentary consultation. Mention this article for special discounted pricing.



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