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COVID-19 Telemedicine Appointments

Dear Clients of Renove Med Spa,

The office of Dr. Michelle Parsons, Renove Medical Spa, and staff, will be offering Telemedicine appointments to all our clients and their immediate family members. Telemedicine appointments will be focused on concerns of the COVID-19 virus, possible exposure and/or possible infection with the virus, if you are unable to reach your primary care physician.

Beginning Monday March 23, Delaware health systems will operate several drive through COVID-19 testing sites throughout the state, where health care staff will test individuals who have been evaluated by a medical provider and have symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

A physician’s order or prescription will be required for this testing. You may also call Delaware Public Health at 1-866-408-1899. Testing is not recommended for those who do not have symptoms.

If you are concerned you may have COVID-19, please go to this link: and take the CDC Coronavirus Self Checker online questionnaire. If it instructs you to call your physician or If you are experiencing symptoms of fever, cough, or shortness of breath, call your primary care doctor. If you are unable to contact your primary care doctor, please email us at for a Telemedicine appointment.. You will be given a time for your Telemedicine appointment and a link will be emailed to you. When you are ready for your Telemedicine appointment, click on the link in your email from your computer or mobile phone and you will be directed to a virtual waiting room. Dr. Parsons will connect with you via your computer or phone shortly thereafter.

The Telemedicine appointment with Dr. Parsons will include reviewing your vital signs, temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate, which you will take at home prior to your Telemedicine appointment (you will be walked through this process by one of our medical assistants); review of your symptoms, COVID-19 exposures, and past and current medical history. The Telemedicine appointment will include a physician’s order/prescription for COVID-19 testing, if indicated, emailed to you; relevant prescriptions as needed called into your pharmacy, daily follow up of your symptoms with staff by phone, and results of the COVID-19 testing provided to you.

Though we would have liked to offer Telemedicine for COVID-19 evaluation for free, with the scope of what is involved, we will have to charge for this service, which will help employ our staff while we are closed. There will be one comprehensive fee of $95. Additional fees may apply for other non-related COVID-19 issues.

Drive Through COVID-19 Health Facilities will include:

Sussex County

  • Beebe Advanced Care Clinic - 32060 Longneck Drive, Millsboro

  • The New Beebe ER in Millville - Route 17, Frankford

  • Nanticoke Memorial Hospital - Seaford

Kent County

  • Bayhealth - Dover

New Castle County

  • Christiana Care - Newark

  • Christiana Care - Wilmington

  • St Francis Healthcare - Wilmington

If you suspect you may have COVID-19, there is no need to go to the emergency room, unless you are having significant difficulty breathing. Delaware’s hospitals are prepared for coronavirus, but it is important to reserve resources for those that truly need them and avoid unnecessarily exposing vulnerable people to the virus. If you have a medical emergency, call 911 and make sure to let the dispatcher know what symptoms you are experiencing.

We wish you to be safe, stay healthy, and follow the CDC recommended guidelines for social isolation to prevent the further spread of this virus.

Be safe, be well, and stay as isolated as possible,

Dr. Michelle Parsons, Brie, Amber, Lori and Johanna

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I can not express enough how appreciative and safe I feel after reading this offering of professionalism and caring from Dr Parson’s and her staff. Instead of performing self preservation, Renove is giving their time, knowledge and compassion to help their community during it’s greatest need. Thank you, M Kucharski RN

Critical Care Flight Nurse

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