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Updated: Dec 17, 2018

If you are beginning to notice a few lines or creases on your forehead or around your eyes that occur with facial expressions such as smiling or frowning, don’t let these wrinkles bother you any longer, there is a solution!  Botox is the FDA approved medically formulated form of botulinum toxin, a naturally occurring substance produced by bacteria that relaxes muscles. It is the muscles of our face that by repeated expressions hundreds of times daily that leads to damage to the overlying skin. The skin loses the ability to snap back completely, leading to what we see as a wrinkle. With time these wrinkles we see with facial expression only, will be become permanent and will be noticeable at rest without frowning or smiling. This is where Botox can can not only treat these lines but also prevent wrinkles!


Brow elevation with Botox can be done for the inner brow, outer brow, or both. It all depends on where one places the injections. Injecting both inner and outer brows can create a ‘chemical’ brow lift which appears within seven days after the injections. You can see that an artistic eye in conjunction with the patient’s input, is key in getting a result that the patient sees as both desirable and pleasing. Dr. Parsons is an expert at administering Botox to chemically lift the eyebrows without the need for surgery!


The FDA has approved Botox for the prevention of chronic migraines. Approximately 3.2 million Americans suffer from chronic migraines, which are headaches that occur 15 or more days per month. This condition leads to loss of time form work, emergency room visits and prescriptions drug us.  The primary benefit of Botox for migraine treatment is the absence of side effects that are typical of systemic migraine medications. A lot of migraine medications have memory clouding effects or can make people like they are in a fog.

“As a long time migraine sufferer, I have obtained significant relief from their occurrences since I have been getting Botox injections.  Originally I started getting Botox to help fight wrinkles (the never ending task!).  What a fabulous side effect!”  A.C. from Rehoboth Beach.

“When I use Botox I no longer have migraines headaches.  Botox has helped me in more than one way!  I am pleased that I started using Botox and will continue.” K.W. from  Georgetown, Delaware.

“Doing Botox twice a year has really helped alleviate my headaches.” A.C. from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Yes, men get Botox treatments. Look around you and you may be surprised how many men are getting this rejuvenating procedure. Now that the gals are armed and dangerous with the best skin rejuvenating procedures and products, the boys have got to keep up!

Most men who are concerned about the aging appearance of their skin and concerned about damage caused by exposure to the sun, likely from working and playing outside, often elect for Botox treatments to reverse some of the signs of aging, such as crow’s feet, deep frown and forehead lines.

Treatments are quick and simple, and our goal is for nobody to notice you had Botox, rather your friends and family will tell you, “you look refreshed”! Botox can actually help you reverse and prevent further deepening of facial lines. So if this interests you in any way, don’t be left out. You definitely won’t be alone with your choice to look your best at any age!

Customer Reviews for Botox

Margaret R.- “I have been several times to Renove and events at spas- I love the Botox treatment for an eye lift and really notice the difference. Dr. Parsons is an artist and being the canvas is quick and easy.”

Rachael C.- “I have been getting Botox injections for years, bouncing around to whomever had the best deal. Since coming to Dr. Michelle Parsons, I no longer look for “good deals”. I cannot be more satisfied with the level of professionalism and experience Dr. Parsons displays as well as the difference in my face. As far as I’m concerned, I am getting a “special” every time I visit Dr. Parsons because I get what I pay for and then some! Thank you.”

Rosslyn F.- HI to the Renove team! Dr. Parsons did my first Botox for me less than a year ago. Her expertise was fantastic and I wish I would have started this in my 30’s. She was very professional honest and pricing was affordable. I have a few friends following you now. And hope one day to be able to afford something lasting. Have a hauntingly beautiful October. Your fan Roz.”

Molli G.- “Dr. Parsons and her staff are so polite and professional. They make you feel at ease the minute you walk into their office. I have had Botox twice now and since then I have not had a migraine! Having my forehead lines removed was a nice little bonus.”

Robin R.- “I went to Dr. Parsons for Botox and was extremely pleased. She is wonderful and spends time with you to see what your wants are. I also liked that she made suggestions and took a real interest.”

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