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Blood Bank of Delmarva to Collect Plasma from Recovered COVID-19 Patients

Many of you have inquired if there is a way you can help fellow Delmarva citizens, who are battling active infection with COVID-19, by being tested for the antibody to COVID-19 and donating your plasma. This donor plasma, known as convalescent plasma, is administered to the patient with the goal of using the donor's antibodies to help clear the virus that causes COVID-19 more rapidly. On March 24 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the collection of plasma from individuals who have recovered from coronavirus to treat seriously ill patients.

COVID-19 is continuing to rise in Delaware, and we have not yet reached the peak of the infection rate here in our state, with a large increase in critically ill patients with COVID-19 being cared for in all Delaware hospitals. The National Guard will be assisting state hospitals prepare for a potential surge of patients with building and operating field hospitals.

Currently there is no readily available commercial lab test to detect antibodies to the the COVID-19 virus. We will be checking regularly with our lab partners, such as LabCorp and other commercial labs in the country, and as soon as it is available we will let you all know.

At this time, the Blood Bank of Delmarva will be collecting plasma donations from people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have recovered, to treat critically ill patients with advanced COVID-19 infections. If you or someone you know has tested positive for COVID-19 and has recovered, we can refer you to the Blood Bank of Delmarva to be a potential plasma donor.

If you would like to be tested for COVID-19, we are still sending patients to the Beebe COVID-19 drive-through testing sites, OR you may purchase an at home COVID-19 testing kit, with 24 hour results after shipping directly back to the testing lab. The website to directly purchase the at home COVID-19 testing kit is Your results will be provided directly to you, with notification to the Department of Public Health if positive. If you test positive for COVID-19 and you are recovered, you will be considered a potential convalescent plasma donor.

If you are ill and you suspect you may have COVID-19 and you would like a telemedicine appointment and potentially receive a prescription for hydroxycholoroquine and azithromycin, please email us at These medications had been back ordered, but I am seeing both of these medications become back in stock.

Please continue to be vigilant, COVID-19 is still on the rise in Delaware, and is now surging in Sussex County with 51 new cases since yesterday in Sussex County, the biggest jump yet for our county.

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