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At Home COVID-19 Testing Kits Available

We have had phone calls from our patients asking about COVID-19 testing availability in Delaware. Delaware is actually one of the states that is doing a very good job of testing citizens with symptoms of possible infection with COVID-19, with several drive through testing sites in each county. But there are some limitations. One, is that an order from a physician is required, which we are happy to provide for those who meet the Delaware Public Health guidelines for testing. We have also noticed, that access to the drive through testing sites is becoming more delayed, whereas before we could get our patients in the same day, now there is a wait of a day. Also, we have noticed delayed turnaround for test results, whereas previously turnaround for results was 3 days, now they are pushing out to 7 to 10 days to get results back to us. Waiting 10 days for results is nerve wracking for patients, not to mention to their families as well, who may have to be isolated from their family member who is ill.

But where there is a need there is usually a solution and necessity is the mother of invention. I have interviewed several laboratory manufacturers who are offering home COVID-19 testing for physician offices, which do not involve risking exposure to the medical office staff, especially since we are not equipped with specialized personal protective equipment (PPE) as the hospital testing sites are.

The company I chose utilizes genetic PCR technology to detect viral RNA from a nasal swab sample that you would obtain at home. Their COVID-19 tests are FDA approved. Results are available within 24 hours upon receipt of the sample. Samples are mailed in to the company with drop off at UPS and shipped over night with a 24 turn around for results. COVID-19 testing kits are $149 to pick up at our office, or $159 if we mail to you. Please email us if you are interested in a COVID-19 at home testing kit at

Below, please see some common real world symptoms of COVID-19. These are people who have tested positive, but are well enough to be treated at home. This information comes from a pharmacist who tested positive form COVID-19, who was at an event where 42 additional people who attended the event also were confirmed positive. The pharmacist has since recovered and is doing well, here are responses from the 42 confirmed positive cases:

What are your symptoms?

“Cough, then fever for 3 days, body aches, headache, diarrhea, sore throat. Dysfunctional taste buds.”

“Body aches, headache, small cough fever for 3 days and my eyes hurt light headed at times too.”

“Started out with minor tickle in throat. Shortness of breath. After walking up stairs, I’d have to lay down for a few minutes. Had to cut a shower short to lay down. Highest temp was 99.3 but I was taking Tylenol every 6 hours. Thought my back was sore from sweeping but in hindsight that doesn’t make sense because the back pain started a day or two after coming home. Back pain felt like back labor . No taste or smell. On the mend now!”

“Started with a low fever and chest tightness - advanced to feeling like an animal was sitting on my chest, really bad body aches, high fever, raised pulse, no appetite, and fatigue - then progressed to head congestion, a cough, feeling weak, no appetite, and no sense of taste - head congestion, cough, and appetite are improving slowly”

“Same here, started with low grade fever, cough, tiredness and no taste or smell. I have been going to bed early every night after blasting my system with Vitamin C and all kinds of tea. “

“relieved to see the no taste/ small symptoms.. cause i have none! Bonus during baby diaper changes. Husband keeling over from the smell and i am over here not smelling a thing!! ”

“Started Sunday. Low Fever several days, aches, Headache, tightness in chest. Extreme tiredness. Persistent dry cough. Yesterday I lost my sense of smell and taste. Still have all symptoms except fever.”

“No smell and no taste. Thankfully, nothing else. Been lucky so far. Fingers crossed. Had scratchy throat Thurs morning of nationals but some DayQuil and a nap was all I needed that day. Hoping everyone gets better soon!! Team WI”

“I’m on day 142 of a fever... at least that’s what it feels like. I have had a low grade fever for a week now, coughed for a few days, sweat like crazy on and off, but my lower back and hips are in so much pain it hurts to walk. I thought I was feeling better yesterday and got cocky by standing on my porch to throw a ball for my dogs... the Rona said that was unacceptable and I was back in bed last night with 100.8 fever. Overall I’m gonna give it 0 outta 10, do not recommend. — I woke up in the middle of the night crying so hard. It came on really fast, it went from annoying pain to I can’t handle the pain in a few hours. My teenager rescued me with Tylenol but the Tylenol has Only managed to dull the pain, not kill it completely. “

“the BACK AND HIP PAIN! I cant sleep my hips hurt so first I thought it was from curling 11 games, but it persists! Absolutley no sense of smell or taste, so wierd!!! I have some stuffiness and maybe a little tightness in chest. fever never got above 100. Barely any cough”

“I haven’t had any pain, but same to all of the other symptoms” 

“The lower-back stuff is making me wonder if I actually have it. I’ve been figuring all along that I didn’t because my temperature never got above 100, and the rare cough that I’ve had has been productive (TMI, I know).   So basically, it just feels like the seasonal sinus stuff I often get, aside from the lower-back stuff. “

“Pretty bad back and chest pain, cough, the taste/smell thing, and a ridiculous ongoing headache that won't leave me. Cough is finally lessening and the muscle aches/pain finally fading. Heating pads have helped!”

“Wet nasal passages, headache, muscle aches, general malaise, lightheadedness, then the fever, followed by upper respiratory involvement.”

“Fever— 102.5 the first day, but broke by the next, accompanied by a dry cough and lethargy. 3 days in my chest got tight and I lost sense of smell and taste. Now pretty decent, just tired out easily “

“my symptoms were just like yours, except I had no chest tightness. I’m grateful for the quick fever, as it sounds like other fevers are lasting much longer.”

“Started with low grade fever and cough. Within 24 hours my fever spiked to 102.8. Ran between 100 and 102+ all week. I haven’t been able to eat much. Fever is gone today. Hopefully that means it’ll stay away. “

“If we have it (including wife and daughter who were down there on the weekends) it is mild. More like a cold...cough aches head ache. Don’t think a fever. None of us felt the need to run the gauntlet and be tested. I feel like I have had a bad sinus infection. 

As far as my team I believe only one of us has a ‘bad’ case. The rest more mild. Have to wait and see if that changes. “

“Slight cough, occasional headache, no taste/smell”

“Interesting. While I don't have any symptoms, you have me somewhat curious about the no taste... I've been complaining for days that my different coffees taste like nothing, and the sour candies I've eating are terrible. Everything else tastes good, so maybe I'm just being super sensitive or my taste buds took a holiday. “

“ … and today, my tastebuds short circuited L.  This is Day 12 since my first contact with “the cluster” on 3/11/20 when I arrived in MD.”

“Did anyone else start with diarrhea?  That’s what my wife has had.  (We’re just starting – pretty much day 1 for us.”  

“I’ve had two short fits of nausea, the first much worse than the second.  Of course, I’m still not sure I actually caught it.”

“Yes, I had diarrhea and so did my son.  Mine started with a cough; my son started with diarrhea.”

“Anyone that has had loss of taste or smell been able to recover it yet?  I’m wondering how long this will last!”

“Not yet.  Unfortunately, this is not the secret to weight loss as I keep eating to try to find something with taste.”

“Same here!  I eat because I’m hungry but can’t taste anything – I even had some Scotch.  Nuthin.”

“Mine is still shorted out … day 3”

“Taste is starting to come back in the back sides of my tongue I’ve noticed.  So everything is dumb salty to me.  Smell is a gonner still.”

“Crazy.  I literally told my husband that salt was the only thing I could taste”

“Mine was gone for 3 days and is back now, although weaker than normal.  It seems best when I’m drinking something hot, eg, inhale the coffee first and then drink.”

“I have not recovered taste nor smell, still have nasal symptoms though.”

“I’ve been able to taste sriracha and Harissa.  Thus my husband is getting all the spicy!  But maybe its just the burn not so much the flavor.”

“Yep mine is slowly starting to come back.  I could taste bacon last night!  Hoping it keeps getting better!”

“My loss of taste and smell lasted for about 5 days before gradually returning.  It’s still not all the way back, but I could taste a pickle last night!  I hope you guys feel better soon!”

“Mine was gone Monday when I began to get the sore throat.  It’s beginning to come back for some things at this point.  Maybe it was just that I’ve missed grilling out for so long and expected it to taste good, but the pork chops I had last night were great.”

“Mine has finally started to return.  Lost it last weekend sometime.  Never had a sore throat, though.”

“No, just salt.  It’s so disappointing because I finally feel hungry and would love to just eat something good.”



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