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Vitamin Testing

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Dr. Parsons offers vitamin and mineral testing that can determine a multitude of vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as vitamin B12, C, iron, and calcium and many others. Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies can lower the immune system and even lead to life threatening situations if left unaddressed. These quick blood tests are safe and easily done and can help improve former feelings of fatigue and restlessness. Dr. Parsons utilizes micronutrient testing through a unique system of testing your live white blood cells and testing these cells directly to determine deficiencies as developed by the University of Texas. Your blood will be drawn in the office and flown overnight to the clinical laboratory Spectracell. Please refer to the Spectracell Laboratories website for more information Dr. Parsons also tests for and treats for MTHFR genetic variants.

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