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We have a treasure trove of medically-approved procedures for women and men who wish to refresh and enhance their appearance without a lot of “down time” or risks and complications of surgery. ReNove Medical Spa combines a warm, comforting setting in a French West Indies themed décor, with the highest medical quality there is to offer. All of our guests are welcomed as family.  The new generation of cosmetic non-surgical treatments will reverse or improve the appearance of many signs of aging including fine lines around the eyes and mouth, deeper lines around the nose and lips, remove unwanted pigment, and even out complexion.


Dr. Parsons has devoted herself to the study and perfection of her techniques and is the most experienced injector in the area. Dr. Michelle Parsons is very familiar with the desire to counteract the effects of aging, which she is able to accomplish while maintaining a natural look and keeping a budget in mind. Dr. Parsons is available for consultations to discuss your particular beauty and health concerns. Call today to discover what possibilities await and reclaim your youth and confidence.


As a board-certified emergency medicine physician, Dr. Parsons sees urgent care visits as well, such as sinus infections, lung infections, urinary tract infections, etc. In addition, we do offer vitamin and micro-nutrient testing. We strive to fill the role of the old-time family doctor for our town, who does a lot, does it well, and cares about you and your family as our neighbors, friends, and family.  “I grew up seeing a small town doctor in New Jersey who had his office in his home, the living room was the waiting room. We saw our doctor at church, the grocery store, or the post office. When I practiced medicine as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force, I felt I had become that small town doctor. I knew all my patients, their spouses, their children, and yes, I saw them everywhere.  For four years, I had one name to everyone, it was “Doc.”  That’s how I feel about taking care of our patients now. I want our patients to feel comfortable to see me, physically and emotionally and know that I, and my staff, care about you, your happiness, health, and well being.”


- Michelle Parsons

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