September Specials

We are happy to help you rid yourself of wrinkles with our over 20% discount on Botox! The whole month, we can make sure that you are happier than ever.

October 2 – Fraxel Event

We will once again beginning our Fraxel season this fall with our first Fraxel Day to be held Thursday, October 2. Fraxel is a laser treatment that penetrates deeply into the skin to break down deep lines and wrinkles, so that they heal softer and are less noticeable. Results are long lasting and can reverse the ageing process. Dr. Parsons recommends an annual Fraxel treatment for best results.

Healing from Fraxel takes one week and includes redness and swelling.

If you would like to see if you are a candidate for Fraxel Laser Treatment please come in to meet with Dr. Michelle Parsons. Call me at 302-227-1079 to schedule your Fraxel appointment.