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March IPL Lift-and-Glow Special

Has the winter dreary weather doldrums got you down? If so, we've got just the thing to brighten your day, and your skin! March is Lift-and-Glow IPL Month and we have some great savings opportunities for you so you can look and feel your best, on any budget. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can treat facial and body skin sunspots and other unwanted pigment, melasma, and redness such as rosacea, leaving your complexion clear and bright.

What Is Intense Pulsed Light

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses natural broad spectrum visible light, to target skin that has been damaged by the sun, which can show as dark patches of more darkly pigmented skin on the face, neck, chest, arms and legs, lifting and removing that pigment and calming redness or rosacea.

IPL is not a laser. IPL uses natural light in the visible light spectrum, from red light all the way to blue light. It's more like a rainbow treatment! It is the invisible ultraviolet that damages our skin. And it is the visible light utilized in IPL that heals it.

An IPL treatment is gentle, fast, and extremely effective at lifting unwanted skin pigment with minimal recovery time. Renove Medical Spa has the most effective American made Sciton IPL device available on the market. You will not get a better treatment anywhere else. The only recovery is that while the sun damage and pigment are rising to the surface of the skin to be naturally exfoliated, that pigment appears darker for one to two weeks. But in those one to two weeks, you may use foundation and 90% of that pigment will exfoliate, flake and fall off. Yep, it that's easy!

90% of pigment will be lifted in 2 weeks after an IPL treatment

Why Renove

Dr. Michelle Parsons, MD is an experienced and trained physician who has been performing IPL treatments since 2006 in Rehoboth Beach. There is no one in the area with more experience when it comes to skin types, ethnic skin, and skin conditions that can be effectively treated or managed with IPL. If Dr. Parsons determines you have a skin condition or skin cancer that cannot be managed with IPL, she will let you know and make any appropriate referrals. Also, we at Renove Medical Spa have the most effective American made Sciton IPL device. There is no IPL device on the planet better than Sciton. So if you didn't get a good result anywhere else, come here.

Results after 1 IPL treatment by Dr. Michelle Parsons, MD, Renove Medical Spa

What Are the Risks of IPL

IPL is a powerful and very effective device to treat sun damaged skin. Because it is so powerful, it must be used with caution and only by someone with training and experience. In the right hands, IPL is as gentle to skin as it is effective. In in-experienced hands, there can be risks of IPL. Used inappropriately, IPL can burn skin, leaving blisters or hyperpigmented areas. It is very important that whomever you choose to perform an IPL treatment, that they have the experience, knowledge and the best equipment for your treatments. In our area, that person is Dr. Michelle Parsons, MD. ALL IPL treatments at Renove Medical Spa are performed or directly supervised by Dr. Michelle Parsons, and Dr. Parsons will always select the treatment settings that are right for you, your condition, and your skin.

What Is the March Lift-and-Glow IPL Special

As we highlight beautiful and healthy skin this month, every patient who schedules an IPL treatment in March will receive a 5 product ZO Daily Skin Care Kit, which includes a ZO Cleanser, Exfoliating Polish, Complexion Renewal Pads, Daily Power Defense, and OF COURSE a ZO Sunscreen (either clear sunscreen, sunscreen with primer or the ZO Smart Tone for extra shimmer). Dr. Parsons wants all of you to positively glow this spring, and using the right skin care products after your IPL treatment ensures that.

When you get your IPL Lift-And-Glow treatment this month, in addition to the Free ZO Daily Skin Care Kit, you may also take advantage of additional savings with 10% off all other in-office skin care products.

For the BEST Savings on IPL

In addition to the 5 product Free ZO Daily Skin Care Kit, when you treat yourself to any Lift-And-Glow IPL treatment in March, take $100 off any IPL treatment and you will get a second body are HALF OFF! For example, treat your facial skin, and add the chest for half off. Treat you neck skin, and get your hands treated for half off. Treat your lower legs and get your forearms for half off. Get more than one area for multiple areas half off! Now is the time to take advantage of this fantastic Lift-And-Glow IPL treatment package at a fantastic price with a fantastic gift. (Purchase the higher priced IPL treatment and receive the lower priced IPL treatment for half off. 2 week follow up treatments, as needed, are $85 per body area, second body area are $40).

Dr. Parsons likes to encourage her patients to get treated with IPL this time of year, as it is an easier time, weather wise, to go through this process, while not having to deal with the strong rays of the summer sun. Then when summer comes, all you have to do is continue to protect your skin with a good zinc or titanium based sunscreen to maintain your beautiful results.

March Lift-And-Glow IPL Brunch and Learn

If you would like to learn more about IPL, what it can do for you, and watch a demonstration on a live model, then come to our March Brunch and Learn on March 15th, 10:30 am. That day we will also have an informative skin care talk from the ZO representative, Jeanette Mills, to answer any of your skin care product questions. For those you cannot attend, we will post the live demonstration on our Facebook page. You can watch some highlights from our last Brunch and Learn demo on lip fillers and Botox there too.

You may RSVP here to attend our March Brunch and Learn. This will be our second to last Brunch and Learn of the Spring season before summertime. Attendees who opt to get treated that day will enjoy additional savings and gifts, so come if you can and bring a friend!

If you cannot make the Brunch and Learn, call us for a complimentary consultation or book your Lift-And-Glow IPL treatment online so you can lift and remove previous sun damage while the weather is cooperative for at least something, such as a sun damage removal treatment!

Here's to your brighter future,

Team Renove Medical Spa

A note from Dr. Michelle Parsons, MD:

"Intense Pulsed Light treatments are one of my personal favorite treatments for my patients. The improvement in their skin complexion is dramatic, with minimal downtime and discomfort. So many patients love seeing their natural clear complexion restored without having to resort to heavy foundation. I highly recommend this treatment, and I know you will love it as much as I do."

Restore, Reclaim, Renove,

We at Renove Medical Spa want you to look and feel your best. Come to the first and best Medical Spa in Sussex County, Delaware, the office of Dr. Michelle Parsons, M.D. All treatments are performed or supervised by Dr. Michelle Parsons, M.D., who is a top aesthetic physician in the U.S. with BellaDiamond and Platinum Plus awards. If you want the best results, go to the best doctor in town, because you are worth it! "The Doctor is the Difference."

Call to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if we can offer something that is right for you, 302-227-1079 or book a consultation or treatment online at Renove Med Spa | Service Menu ( Reclaim, Restore, Renove.

It's a Beautiful Day at Renove, and so are YOU!

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