Amber Garrison
Certified CoolSculpting Technician and Medical Assistant

Amber Garrison

Amber assists Dr. Parsons with all of the treatments here at ReNove Medical Spa. She is also a certified CoolSculpt technician and is hands-on throughout all of the Coolsculpt treatments scheduled at our office, with Dr. Parsons’ guidance. She has spent most of her life as a veterinary technician and is a fantastic contributor to our health and wellness programs.

Amber Garrison CoolSculpting Masters

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We have a treasure trove of medically-approved procedures for women and men who wish to refresh and enhance their appearance without a lot of “down time” or risks and complications of surgery. Renove Med Spa combines a warm, comforting setting with the highest medical quality there is to offer. All of our guests are welcomed as family.  The new generation of cosmetic non-surgical treatments will reverse or improve the appearance of many signs of aging including fine lines around the eyes and mouth, deeper lines around the nose and lips, remove unwanted pigment, and even out complexion.

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