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Welcome to the website of Dr. Michelle Parsons’ practice, ReNove Medical Rejuvenating Health Spa, located in downtown Rehoboth Beach on Rehoboth Avenue, Delaware. ReNove Medical Health Spa is the first medical spa in Rehoboth Beach, operating since 2006. ReNove Medical Spa is Delaware’s leader in customized cosmetic skin care, providing the best non-surgical procedures available, and at the best prices, to enhance natural beauty and skin health, in a warm comfortable setting by caring professionals.


Our Services We have a treasure trove of medically approved procedures for women and men who wish to refresh and enhance their appearance without a lot of “down time” or the risks and complications of surgery. ReNove Medical Spa combines a warm comforting setting in a French West Indies themed decor, with the highest medical quality there is to offer. All of our guests are welcomed as family.  The new generation of cosmetic non-surgical treatments will reverse or improve the appearance of many signs of aging, including: fine lines around the eyes and mouth, deeper lines around the nose and lips, remove unwanted pigment and even out complexion.

Dr. Parsons has devoted herself to the study and perfection of her techniques and is the most experienced injector in the area. Dr. Michelle Parsons, is very familiar with the desire to counteract the effects of aging, while maintaining a natural look and keeping budget in mind. Dr. Parsons is available for consultations to discuss your particular beauty and health concerns. Call today to discover what possibilities await and reclaim your youth and confidence! Call 302.227.1079 today!

Dr. Michelle Parsons

Dr. Parsons also specializes in hormone level evaluations and Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men and women as well as evaluate and treat endocrine disease as thyroid dysfunction and adrenal fatigue.  We collect lab tests on site for LabCorp for your convenience.  In addition we are able to draw blood to determine your vitamin levels. As a board certified Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Parsons sees urgent care visits as well, such as sinus infections, lung infections, urinary tract infections and injuries. We strive to fill the role of the old time family doctor for our town, who does a lot, does it well, and cares about you and your family as our neighbors, friends, and family. And we consider our town the small town or State of Delaware and surrounding Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  “I grew up seeing a small town doctor in NJ who had his office in his home, the living room was the waiting room. We saw our doctor at church, the grocery story or the post office. When I practiced medicine as a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force, I felt I had become that small town doctor. I knew all my patients, their spouses, their children, and yes, I saw them everywhere.  For four years I had one name to everyone, it was “Doc.”  That’s how I feel about taking care of our patients now. I want our patients to feel comfortable to see me, physically and emotionally, and know that I and my staff, we care about you, about your happiness, health and wellbeing.” Michelle Parsons

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Michelle Parsons is a 1994 graduate of Thomas Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia PA, and has been practicing medicine in Rehoboth Beach at ReNove Medical Spa  since 2006. Dr. Parsons is board certified in Emergency Medicine with specialized training in surgery and aesthetic medicine.  Dr. Parsons has extensive experience in advanced techniques of botox administration and filler techniques, including Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and Artefill. Dr. Michelle Parsons is available for consultations at the ReNove Medical Spa, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and by discrete telephone or email consultations upon request.

Undergraduate Training: Rutgers University, Biochemistry and Nutrition

Medical College: Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

Internship: State University of New York, Surgery

Residency: Christiana Hospital, Newark, DE, Board Certified Emergency Medicine

Military:  USAF Flight Surgeon 1996-2000, 67th Fighter Squadron, Okinawa, Japan; Kuwait; Aviano Air Base, Italy.

Tammy Rust – Medical Assistant, LPN – Tammy is a trained Dermatology Medical Assistant and Skin Care Specialist; and as such, her training allows her to make recommendations,  perform procedures and treatments as prescribed by Dr. Parsons.


Timothy LaFontaine - Timothy is happy to be the one to greet you as you enter our fine establishment. Timothy was certified as a Nursing Assistant in his senior year of high school and is currently building a business as a computer repair and web site design specialist, when he is not hard at work for Dr. Michelle Parsons. This has allowed Timothy to bring many technological improvements to Renové.


We are located - at the top of Rehoboth Avenue, 416 Rehoboth Avenue, just through the Lighthouse roundabout, third building on the right. Private parking is available in 2 metered parking spots in front of our building, they designated as “Doctors Office Patient Parking Only.” Meters are still in effect.


How the Stars Keep Looking so Good!

Yes Courtney Cox is almost 50, but does she look it? What we do know is that she has had help, and now we know Courtney has had Ultherapy, the Ultrasound technology that tightens skin around the jawline, neck and lifts the brows. Click on this video clip on Entertainment Tonight to see how she keeps looking so young.

Or visit our web page which has the video.

If you would like to see if you are a candidate for Facial tightening with Ultherapy, please give us a call to set up a consultation with Dr. Michelle Parsons.

New Regulations for Sunscreen Labels

The FDA wants to simplify the message consumers are getting about sunscreens so that we clearly understand certain concepts regarding sunscreen, because the improper use of sunscreen can potentially lead to skin cancer.

What is Changing?

Broad-spectrum.  UVA rays are major cause of skin cancer, abnormal pigmentation and skin wrinkles.  UVB rays are the rays that burn the skin and can also cause nonmelanoma skin cancer. It is important that both UVA and UVB are blocked.  Only if a product provides full UVA protection as well as UVB protection, then it can claim to offer broad-spectrum protection.  Otherwise, no UVA protection can be claimed at all.

Water-resistance.  Gone are the days of “waterproof” sunscreen.  Instead, there are two categories:  water-resistant and very water-resistant.  If a sunscreen product was shown to retain it’s labeled SPF value after 40 minutes of water immersion, then it must be labeled “water resistant (40 minutes)”.  If a sunscreen was shown to retain the labeled SPF value after 80 minutes of water immersion, then it must be labeled “water resistant (80 minutes).”

SPF.  Gone are the days of SPF 100.  No sunscreen can provide 100% UV protection except 100% zinc oxide, which is a thick white paste.  With the new labeling, any SPF higher than 50, can only claim “50+”.

Drug Facts Label.  The FDA will regulate warnings and claims by sunscreens.  From now on, suncreens that do not offer broad-spectrum protection must state on the back label of packaging:  “Skin cancer/Skin aging alert:  Spending time in the sun increases your risk of skin cancer and early skin aging.  This product has been shown only to help prevent sunburn, not skin cancer or early skin aging.”  For sunscreens that do provide broad-spectrum protection can state:  “If used as directed with other sun protection measures, this product decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun.

Manufacturers.  Any products that claim an SPF of greater than 15 must be registered with the FDA as a drug.  The goal is to provided a common standard for how each sunscreen must be tested. This will also affect makeup that claims SPF coverage.

These are important changes that will impact how you care for you and your family’s skin health. Changes will go into effect December 18th, 2012.


Is Your Brain working at Full Throttle?

If your brain doesn’t seem to be operating at full throttle lately, maybe all you need is a tall glass of water.  Researchers at the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory asked 25 young, healthy women to walk on a treadmill to induce dehydration, then take a series of cognitive tests to measure concentration, reasoning, memory, learning, reaction time and vigilance.  They then compared test scores with those of a separate set of tests the individuals were asked to perform while not dehydrated.

The results were clear: in mild states of dehydration (an approximately 1.5% loss in normal water volume), the women struggled with fatigue, headaches and difficulty concentrating.  Even when they were able to think clearly they perceived cognitive tasks to be difficult, indicating a mood shift.  Another study involving men yielded a similar outcome.

Study co-author and physiology professor Lawrence E. Armstrong says the study is evidence that it’s best to not wait for thirst to kick in before having a beverage because by then the mind and body are already being affected by dehydration.  The full study can be viewed on the Journal of Nutrition website at

Our Vision

ReNove Med Spa is Delaware’s leader in customized cosmetic skin care, providing the best nonsurgical products available, to enhance natural beauty and skin health, in a warm comfortable setting by caring professionals who will give you service with value, convenience, choice and lots of attention.

Here at ReNove we have two kinds of clients, those who know and love us, and those who have never heard of us!


You want the flowers to be perfect, the cake scrumptious, the setting beyond compare. On this day, as the bride, you will outshine all of these. Let us help you look radiant and flawless on your wedding day.

Photofacial – remove uneven pigment for a porcelain complexion.

Vi Peel – exfoliate sluggish dry skin for that glowing bride look

Obagi Starter – enhance and maintain your results with professional skin care line

Latisse – have dewey long lashes, that are your own!


♥  I started receiving the B12 injections from Dr. Parsons last week. It’s a great healthy way to boost your energy and assist with weight loss. After the first injection I found I had a huge drop in appetite. Can’t wait to see where my weight stands in a month or so! Thanks Dr. P! You’re the best!

♥  Hello,
I have taken phentermine before and it worked great and looking to take it again I have a weight loss goal of 45 to 50 lbs, is this something I should try again?

♥  Michelle, I love the Vi peel, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! I was never able to have peels because I have olive skin, so this was my first peel ever and it rocks! It took years off my face, and I have just booked a second one, which I think will reduce some deep acne scarring even more. I love this peel! For anyone who hasn’t had one: you have to do this. It doesn’t hurt at all, and while there is a bit of downtime (a few days when your skin peels off in sheets and looks a little like a sunburn) it is nothing like the photos I’ve seen of different types of chemical peels. Totally painless, no horrible red puffy skin, fantastic result. Just follow the post-peel instructions to the letter. You won’t believe how smooth and clear your skin looks. And, in my opinion, eliminating discolorations does more to erase age than anything else. Vi peel is the real deal and Michelle is an artist!

♥  This was a great day! Michelle and the Spa made us feel like queens! A HUGE thank you to Dr. Parsons!

♥  Dr. Parsons is the Best. I had Laser Hair Removal and the results were better than I expected. She is so kind, as well as being very imformative. I highly recommend her services.

♥  I you are looking for quality professional hair removal look no further. The service is discreet, professional and the results have far exceeded my expectations in such a short time. Dr. Parsons addressed all of my concerns, questions and gennerally put me at ease. I highly recommend her services and you wont meet a kinder person. Thanks, Kristen

♥  I am a client of Dr. Michelle Parsons and receiving laser hair removal on my back. During the first visit she took the time to evaluate the treatment area and gave a thorough explanation of the process. After the very first treatment I was able to see a drastic change in the rate at which the hair grew. I have finished my 4th treatment at this time and Dr. Parsons has said that the fifth will be the last. Total hair removal in only 5 treatments on such a large area. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the entire treatment process and professionalism I have received from Dr. Parsons and the Renove staff.

Sports & School Physicals

Dr. Parsons is happy to provide school sports physicals for the children of Sussex County. We are also happy to be able to provide DOT physicals and other work physicals for the city of Rehoboth Beach and the surrounding area. Please call us to book an appointment.
We can quickly process your DOT or other work related physical. Your DOT physical will include a vision test,including color vision  and urine dip.